What's our Return Policy?
Here's the skinny...

We photograph the majority of our items (literally) "in hand" - so you can get a sense of their size - and we attempt to provide faithful photographic reproduction of an items' color. Some items are quite resistant to this, and sometimes present problems focusing on them). Please ask if you would like more photos, or even a video taken of your item, and if we have time or wherewithal to oblige you, we'll be happy to.

Our goal (and yours too) - is always to make certain you know what you're getting, and that you truly want it - as all sales are final

We're not able to take back items simply because a buyer's changed their mind, or simply doesn't want the item anymore. Even on eBay - if the items purchased are indeed the same ones as described by the seller - their Buyer Guarantee does not apply.

Of course, if we send you the wrong item, we're happy to send you a Refund (including postage), upon receiving it back. Likewise, if we determine that an item has been sold previously (after you've bought it from here, on this site) - either because it sold at a live show or through another avenue (like eBay) - we're happy to refund your purchase, or give you the option to apply your credit towards another purchase.

As always - if in doubt, please contact us at CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com - we have a history of 100% satisfaction, and we aim to keep it that way!