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Fluorite (blue green) #2 obelisk (matt finish) Fluorite (pink) 'pyramidal record keepers' Fluorite (purple), encrusted w/Quartz (druzy)
Look at that double rainbow! It's not as purple as it seems in picture, it's more blue and indigo towards the top, and greener at the bottom. More photos by request. Magnificent pink Fluorite specimen with darker undercurrents, and overlapping, pyramidal terminations (some of which - see photo #2 - appear to have triagonal record keepers on them)! Stunning, glittery display piece, looks kind of blue gray lavender - and it sits atop what appears to be both blue and purple Fluorite - excellent on a stand!
Fluorite (green) pyramidal cluster Fluorite (purple) pyramid, 'clear point' Fluorite (dark Yellow) large, 'to the point' cluster
Tightly formed (and heavy!) 'mountain range' of pyramidal points. Nice palm size, displays nicely on stand. Translucent, no matrix on the bottom. Unlike most other purple Fluorites, this pyramid comes from a stock that closely resembles Amethyst in color. I actually have several - so the one you get may be slightly different - inquire as to which are available (and to get extra photos). They are flawlessly cut, and are spectacular collectors' (and metaphysical) showpiece! Quite large piece of this extraordinary material - spectacularly textured - and translucent. Perfect light box specimen, nice crystallization (on 2/3 of its top surface), great color! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Fluorite (dark yellow) large, 'footprint' shaped
This piece has a lot of charm - one side is more raised, so you can see the 'cross section' of the crystalline structure - and the rest tapers down to its edges, with good geometric terminations everywhere. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.