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Amethyst 'smiling cone head' stalagtite cluster Amethyst 'reverse heart' cluster Amethyst "O" section cluster
This amazing specimen of Coral Quartrz is clearly Amethyst, but very light, and terminated all around. The first photo is the closest to being faithful, color-wise. But in fluorescent light, the 2nd photo shows how it can look more washed out. You can see the cross section of the base, how it grew from a core. And then there's that slice - which I call "the smile" - which they stopped, realizing they could cut it further down, and make the whole piece taller. Amazingly, it works great to hold business cards! What a nice shape this cluster's taken, and it stands! Could be from Uruguay, but we've classified it as Brazil. The shape is what really matters, in the grand scheme of things. Last photo shows the massive base material - some people set these clusters in cement - it's unclear as to whether that's happened here (or whether the setting is 100% natural). The color is also very good (and that is of course natural). Wonderful - relatively unusual donut section cluster on stand - very impressive display piece. Will likely need to charge extra for postage...it's heavy!
Amethyst huge 'Starburst floater' (2-sided)
One-of-Kind outrageous piece on custom cut lazy Susan rotating stand. Back side is lighter, with variety of milky crystalline forms, and the front is rich dark purple, with some double termination. It's like 25 pounds anyway - we can get more specific if you're really interested - but we may be able to include additional shipping costs above and beyond our nominal minimum postage & handling fee.