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Labradorite sphere 2 Amethyst (Chevron) 4 'peach cap' Purple Fluorite pyramid, 'clear point'
Labradorite sphere 2
Our Price: $80.00
This good sized sphere has a 'twin' (in case you'd like a pair), double check that one or the other hasn't sold. 4 relatively well defined point-faces, actual point chipped underneath, to reveal deep purple inside. Bottom is good purple cross section. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because their white zones are indeed...slightly translucent...and very comforting energetically, in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst. Unlike most other purple Fluorites, this pyramid comes from a stock that closely resembles Amethyst in color. I actually have several - so the one you get may be slightly different - inquire as to which are available (and to get extra photos). They are flawlessly cut, and are spectacular collectors' (and metaphysical) showpiece!
Labradorite 'striated' disc/lens Sterling pendant
Among Labradorites, there are several varieties. This is the rare, striated form, which is further enhance by having been cut perfectly into a disc/lens form, and set expertly in a Sterling wrap. Super distinctive piece. Contact us for customer wrapping.