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Amethyst (Bolivian, natural generator) 'taller' Amber & Amethyst Sterling pendant 'dancer' Amethyst (Chevron) 3 'two zone'
'That Color' - which only seems to happen in Bolivia - a kind of opaque, "glaucoma'd" lavender purple...very soft...and displayed nicely, with a flat cut base. Fabulous combination of metal work with beautiful stones (Chiapas Amber and exquisite Amethyst). We have much more product offline than uploaded, please Message us with your interest, so we an custom list your favorite items. Three point faces partially defined & two good purple zones, kind of wide'ish/flattish. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because their white zones are indeed...slightly translucent...and very comforting energetically, in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst.
Amber, Baltic (green) 'sail' wooden set pendant Amber, Baltic (citrine color) 'perfumer' design, w/wood (pendant) Amethyst (Chevron) 1 'buttressed cathedral point'
Green is a color of Amber unique to Ukraine - and it gets much greener than this - which is naturally rough in back, and features those interesting little reflective discs inside. Extraordinary workmanship (German or Italian jeweler), acquired from Ukrainian vendor. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. 'Citrine' is a color category (like clear honey), and this piece looks like a pretty perfume bottle. Extraordinary workmanship - German or Italian jeweler - acquired from Ukrainian vendor. The most interestingly formed point, it has 5 semi-defined sub-points branching off the main one. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because of their white zones (heart chakra), in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst (Source chakras).
Amber, Baltic (antique) 'ingot' sterling set pendant Amber pendant (large, yellow-green) Amber (Baltic) ball or sphere pendant
Antique is a color-name, to describe the milky honey makeup of the Amber. Extraordinary workmanship (German or Italian jeweler), set in Sterling Silver. Acquired from Ukrainian vendor. The weight (including bezel/bale) is 14.2 grams. Length is 2.95" by .6" at the widest (bottom) and .45" at the thickest. Wonderful texturing on the back. This substantial piece has 2 bugs (one towards the top and one towards the bottom). It's called "green amber" because the yellow is greenish. I can send you more pix if you Message me. QUITE unusual - a Baltic Amber sphere - expertly wrapped with Gold-filled wire. The color in the first 3 pictures shows how it looks with a darker background, while the 4th photo gives you a sense of how honey colored it really is. Most of our product is off line, so if you're interested in more variety or different types of outstanding mineral, be in touch, we'll see what we can post for you.