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Spirit Quartz point Growth Interference Quartz 3 Scolecite spectacular crystal / cluster
Spirit Quartz point
Our Price: $38.00
Spirit Quartz differs from Cactus Quartz (both from S.A.) in that it's a "normal" point coated with druzy (small) terminations of quartz, rather than a central termination (larger) encrusted with smaller points. One of the most amazing and harmonious samples of this rare form of Quartz. Exhibiting the rare "geyser" formation - where a crystal grows and expands from the base - with semi-translucent, nicely formed crystal terminations all around.
Angelite (aka Anhydrite) 'Angel Wing' crystal Emerald chunk Herkimer Diamond Smoky Quartz gemmy twin generator
Emerald chunk
Our Price: $180.00
Photo #1 does it the best justice colorwise, as digital photography tends to bleach out anything lighter (as you see in the next photos). We can take a video for you, and you might consider a mineral oiling, to bring out the color. Anyhow, it's large and has some definition around its sides, without too much black matrix. Exceptional, naturally standing Smoky Herkimer Diamond, with phenomenal rainbow, and all the textbook characteristics of a Skeletal Quartz (Elestial type facing, but icy caverns inside. It's gem quality, very glassy. Exceptional specimen!
Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan pink two tone) 'fish' Nirvana Quartz (Brazilian) elestial 'tabby plateau' Dream Quartz 'spirit mansion'
Extraordinary, large Himalayan pink Kulu Quartz, with clear/milky section, looks like a fish diving. Extraordinary, large Brazilian growth interference Nirvana Quartz (one of the 'wisest' Crystal formations), a Source Stone. It's also semi-tabular, and the 3rd photo shows how it's kind of elestial'y, though elestial terminations are more defined. As you can see from photo 2, this perfect specimen of the type - Dream Quartz is a rare form of Quartz, unique in color and formation - has been immortalized in the Crystal Concentrics Meditation & Affirmation card deck. That, and the perfect color & elestial/DT/floater crystal structure, make it worth a solid investment.
Topaz 'perfect point' (204gr) Heliodor (green/yellow) floater Ruby rough natural crystal (519 grams)
Exceptional - textbook Topaz termination - stands straight up (with clean, natural sheer on the bottom). Look at all those facets! Stunning specimen of Helidor - it's terminated all around (I wasn't sure, but look at photo #5) - and I'd thought it was yellower from the For Sale posting I bought it from (but it's really in between yellow and green). Anyhow, this would make an incredible pendant and 3rd eye piece, very high energetically (in spite of its size). I'm pricing it here at $70 per gram. Over a pound of incredible cutting material -  you can see the translucency - and if you're a collector...it's an amazing, natural Crystal...of extraordinary size, integrity, and color! Only $2.89 per gram, nice price!
Kunzite (pink Spodumene) 'skyscraper' wand/point
Large pink Kunzite with multiple rainbows - a dramatically angled 'skyscraper' termination - and deep pinkish purple color head on.