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Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) large palm piece Growth Interference Quartz 3 Petrified Wood (layered & Smoky Quartz encrusted)
Mystical material - akin to Malachite in its combination of black and green - it's a substantial piece too, making for a great collector/display piece. One of the most amazing and harmonious samples of this rare form of Quartz. smaller (ie. narrower, cause length is comparable), and lighter of the two held items
Pyrite concretion 'mouth' Crystal Skull (Lava, large) Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) squat obelisk 1
Pyrite concretion 'mouth'
Our Price: $120.00
Mysterious concretion, encrusted with a concentric buildup of Pyrite. Has more shine than the photos reveal. Is named after the open "mouth" on one of its ends. It also has an "eye" set back, around the central perimeter. As you can imagine, Lava is hard to cut - so this approximation of the human skull is quite an achievement! Solid black, probably of Pacific origin, it has a primary nostril, both eyes, and a strong jawline. This Stromatolite (ancient sea life fossil) is nicknamed 'squat' (because the other is taller), and makes for an extraordinary collector/display piece (or wand!).
Quartz (Milky/Candle /Cactus) display generator Amethyst (Chevron) 4 'peach cap' Amethyst (Chevron) obelisk 1
Large, leaning ash-colored Romanian Candle Quartz, quite a unique specimen! Message me for dimensions, and with serious inquiries & Best Offers. 4 relatively well defined point-faces, actual point chipped underneath, to reveal deep purple inside. Bottom is good purple cross section. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because their white zones are indeed...slightly translucent...and very comforting energetically, in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst.
Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile") obelisk 2 Mahogany Obsidian Sphere Quartz (flaring cathedral) DT
Mahogany Obsidian Sphere
Our Price: $160.00
This Stromatolite (ancient sea life fossil) is nicknamed 'slimmer' (because the other is more squat), and makes for an extraordinary collector/display piece (or wand!). Mahogany Obsidian ball - the smaller of two large ones - very mysterious black spotting on the orange bodied sphere. This exquisite double terminated cathedral wand has a well formed, translucent milky point at one end (the 'fatter' side), and a fine sceptered point on the other end (but on that side, there is exposed a greenish, semi-crystallized core that looks like Spharelite). Very fascinating!
Septarian open egg, superior quality Smoky Elestial Quartz 'giant tabular' Ruby rough natural crystal (519 grams)
Exquisite, finely (and pristinely) terminated yellow Calcite within this good sized Utah Septarian. We have much more product offline than uploaded, please Message us with your interest, so we an custom list your favorite items. The longer I have this piece, the more valuable it becomes, because I've seen NOTHING like it since. Smoky Elestials - small ones - can be fairly cheap. But to find a nearly flawless floater tabby of this size (almost a foot!) is NOT common. Over a pound of incredible cutting material -  you can see the translucency - and if you're a collector...it's an amazing, natural Crystal...of extraordinary size, integrity, and color! Only $2.89 per gram, nice price!