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Quartz (frosty) w/disc Hematite 'single point' Quartz (frosty) waisted laser w/disc Hematite Amethyst (Chevron) 4 'peach cap'
Evenly distributed perfect disc Hematite crystals - on just one side of this point - the other side is 'clean' and covered with sheen...the inside is totally glassy. Exquisite, fine point - early 6" long - and with "waisting" (narrowing) towards the tip (and disc Hematite on one side)...a real find! 4 relatively well defined point-faces, actual point chipped underneath, to reveal deep purple inside. Bottom is good purple cross section. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because their white zones are indeed...slightly translucent...and very comforting energetically, in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst.
Amethyst (Chevron) obelisk 1 Quartz (Amphibole/Angel) w/pink twin ghost phantoms Kunzite (pink Spodumene) pendant
Very soft, warm energy, with completely unique double Angel, or Amphibole 'entities' (you could almost call them phantoms) inside. Fantastic, fine specimen, captured in a fine but simple Sterling wrap. Seems to be double terminated (albeit roughly) and a 3-sided Crystal. Weight and Dimensions include setting. We'll entertain serious Best Offers - and have lots of material offline - let us know your interests so we can post custom items for you.
Herkimer Diamond Smoky Quartz gemmy twin generator
Exceptional, naturally standing Smoky Herkimer Diamond, with phenomenal rainbow, and all the textbook characteristics of a Skeletal Quartz (Elestial type facing, but icy caverns inside. It's gem quality, very glassy. Exceptional specimen!