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Azurite pendant Aquamarine w Sterling pendants Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) glittery 'mtn. range'
Azurite pendant
Our Price: $110.00
Astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals (terminated in back, too) captured in Sterling settings, some with Aquamarine accompaniment. Price is per piece, and may be a bit higher or lower, depending on which is still available when you inquire. This listing is for the bottom piece, without the Aquamarine. Inquire to see which additional pieces we may have available. 2nd photo's a bit dark, but shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater! Triangular piece of Aquamarine, expertly wrapped in Sterling. Most of our inventory is offline, so if you'd like to see more, we welcome custom orders (and are ready to post more material if possible). Photos don't do this piece justice - it's milky white but quite transclucent - glittery. Very superior piece.
Amethyst (Bolivian, natural generator) 'taller' Aquamarine w Sterling pendants Azurite pendant with Aquamarine
'That Color' - which only seems to happen in Bolivia - a kind of opaque, "glaucoma'd" lavender purple...very soft...and displayed nicely, with a flat cut base. Price is PER PIECE - which may be higher or lower - depending on what's still available. Message us to advance the transaction. Each one is awesome in color, look, and feel. Message us as to which is available, to confirm which you'll be getting, prior to purchase. Dimensions & Weight are minimum (ie. for the smallest one). Currently, the two in the middle are still available. Astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals (terminated in back, too) captured in Sterling settings, some we have (like this one) are with Aquamarine accompaniment. 2nd photo shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater!
Quartz (Amphibole/Angel) w/pink twin phantoms Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) semi-cactus 'finger cake' Fluorite (green) frosty natural octahedral cluster
Very soft, warm energy, with completely unique double Angel, or Amphibole 'entities' (you could almost call them phantoms) inside. Pretty unusual, centered 'finger' rising from its cluster - almost like a cactus-quartz - but of the Indian 'Anandalite' variety. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Exquisite little, perfectly formed "nail head" Calcite crystals adorn this enigmatic (large palm sized) pale frosted Fluorite octahedron cluster from China. It's a floater, no clear attachment (or "break-off" points, but none of its terminations are hard & super defined...it's as free floating as it is linear. Very interesting piece. Natural octahedrons are quite rare, and worth all the more.
Amethyst 'smiling cone head' stalagtite cluster Labradorite 'striated' disc/lens Sterling pendant Kunzite (pink Spodumene) pendant
This amazing specimen of Coral Quartrz is clearly Amethyst, but very light, and terminated all around. The first photo is the closest to being faithful, color-wise. But in fluorescent light, the 2nd photo shows how it can look more washed out. You can see the cross section of the base, how it grew from a core. And then there's that slice - which I call "the smile" - which they stopped, realizing they could cut it further down, and make the whole piece taller. Amazingly, it works great to hold business cards! Among Labradorites, there are several varieties. This is the rare, striated form, which is further enhance by having been cut perfectly into a disc/lens form, and set expertly in a Sterling wrap. Super distinctive piece. Contact us for customer wrapping. Fantastic, fine specimen, captured in a fine but simple Sterling wrap. Seems to be double terminated (albeit roughly) and a 3-sided Crystal. Weight and Dimensions include setting.
Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'fingers crossed' cluster Amethyst 'reverse heart' cluster Moldavite 'Africa' pendant
Moldavite 'Africa' pendant
Our Price: $240.00
Can only be good luck, this very unusual configuration of stalagmatitic points makes for a very interesting display piece. What a nice shape this cluster's taken, and it stands! Could be from Uruguay, but we've classified it as Brazil. The shape is what really matters, in the grand scheme of things. Last photo shows the massive base material - some people set these clusters in cement - it's unclear as to whether that's happened here (or whether the setting is 100% natural). The color is also very good (and that is of course natural). Exceptionally unusual shape for Moldavite - any stone really - to look like Africa and/or South America. You see what it looks like with light coming through it. And also without. We have much more product offline than uploaded, please Message us with your interest, so we an custom list your favorite items.
Moldavite 'alien fern' (3.4gr) Moldavite rough 'the emanator' (3.4gr) Amethyst (Chevron) 1 'buttressed cathedral point'
This incredible, spiky Moldavite hails from Chlum in Bohemia, and came to me through a Czech dealer in Tucson. The most interestingly formed point, it has 5 semi-defined sub-points branching off the main one. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because of their white zones (heart chakra), in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst (Source chakras).
Moldavite rough 'snowball' (4.5gr) Amethyst "O" section cluster Moldavite rough 'floating pyramid' (6.5gr)
Wonderful - relatively unusual donut section cluster on stand - very impressive display piece. Will likely need to charge extra for postage...it's heavy!
Moldavite rough 'shark's tooth' (5.7gr) Moldavite rough 'rabbit foot' (10.8gr) Moldavite rough 'ram's horn' (14.8gr)
Moldavite rough 'standing crater' (9.4gr) Moldavite 'delta' perfect triangle (9.6gr) Moldavite rough 'arch mountain' (12.4gr)
More impressive in person, and shoo in to make into a pendant, this incredibly formed Moldavite floater hails from Chlum in Bohemia, and came to me through a Czech dealer in Tucson.
Moldavite rough 'oval starburst' (14.3gr) Sugilite cutting rough (76.2gr) semi-gel slab Prase Quartz (blue-green) 'double vision' twin
Over half an inch thick (at the thickest) - this is a solid cutting piece - unless you like to collect slabs. The color is rich and not splotchy - the black is limited to veins - and you can see from the light & the side pictured, that if thinned, you can get some great light penetration. Perfect collector's specimen or for cutters, a treasure trove of jewelry could come out of this. The photos are accurate under bright light, of course it gets darker in obscurity. All Sugilite is pretty much old collector material, and it quite hard to find, especially in this quality. Pricing here is just under $10 a gram. Quite a find! Serious inquiries and offers considered. Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). Width is across, at the widest point; and Depth is the diameter across the bottom of the base.