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Garnet crystal (distinctive form) Quartz (frosty) w/disc Hematite 'single point' Crystal Skull (Spinel in matrix)
Both top and broken off bottom have distinctive natural faceting that make this a great collector's item. I can't find its more specific name after various Google searches. It's not like the spherical type that's more common. Evenly distributed perfect disc Hematite crystals - on just one side of this point - the other side is 'clean' and covered with sheen...the inside is totally glassy. Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, each of which capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' Also, the red is a bit more pink and muted than in the photos.
Rhodonite: dark pink, polished palm piece Rhodochrosite small Zuni bear (36.6 gr) Rhodonite: light pink, polished palm piece
Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape...kind of comes to a "point," and is very deep and rich in color...also unique at this size. It stands, and if you scroll through to the 4th photo, you'll get a better sense - in daylight - of its true color. This Peruvian Rhodochrosite - with its trademark soft pink color (but beautiful patterning) - has been carved perfectly into the traditional Zuni bear shape, with sensitivity to the natural patterning of the source stone. Note the vein running from front to back. Cost is $3 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape. Very solid, light pink color. Never seen such a big piece.
Pyrite concretion 'mouth' Galena 'rounded' display cluster Ruby rough 'star' polished point crystal pendant
Pyrite concretion 'mouth'
Our Price: $120.00
Mysterious concretion, encrusted with a concentric buildup of Pyrite. Has more shine than the photos reveal. Is named after the open "mouth" on one of its ends. It also has an "eye" set back, around the central perimeter. Apparently "old collection" - mines producing this type of material from the Tristate District (OK, MO, KS) were active between 1850 and 1960 - plus you see the tagging on the bottom (3rd picture). Very harmonious display piece, circular, and with wonderful crystallization. In pencil, on the side, is written "sphalerite" - presumably due to some happening on the Galena - prize specimen. We entertain serious Best Offer inquiries, and always provide discounts when possible. Extraordinary, gold-fill wrapping of a polished Ruby crystal. Good size, density, awesome piece! Contact us if you'd like one of your own pieces custom wrapped!
Rhodochrosite horse on Basalt (46 gr) Red Quartz hematoid twin Red Quartz triple point 'Trinity'
Red Quartz hematoid twin
Our Price: $210.00
Gorgeous Rhodochrosite horse atop Basalt base. Weight & measurements includes the base, horse itself is about 1.7" tall. Great combo of pattern and a gem/gel vein runni. Cost is under $4 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but it's very rich, and quite evocative...the twin pair...couple stone! It came to me through a Chinese supplier, and I really haven't seen any of these as big as I have them here. Main point not pristine, red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but what a specimen - and to have 3 points blended like this - amazing! Message me with serious inquiries - Best Offers entertained - and remember, we have lots more OFFline than online (so we can do custom searches and post additional material for you). It's a Relationship Stone too - part of the Heart Energy zone - and represents the Trinity, or 3 entities combined.
Garnet (raspberry) Stibnite (dark) cluster Rhodochrosite fish (54 gr)
Garnet (raspberry)
Our Price: $240.00
Stibnite (dark) cluster
Our Price: $260.00
Rhodochrosite fish (54 gr)
Our Price: $260.00
"Old Collection" material - from a find that was quickly exhausted - many years ago. Hadn't seen anything like it, nor any since, and one thing I like about it is its resemblance to good quality Ruby. Red to pink color, these display pieces are quite nice. Very fine, flat points bristling over the top, with some crystallization underneath as well, great (and very rare) specimen! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Don't let this one get away, it's really special! Wonderful complement of carving and natural patterning, this gorgeous fish stands and turns in a lifelike way. Cost is just over $7 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers.
Ruby 'bulls eye' sphere pendant Red Quartz super 'Diamantina' laser Rhodochrosite bowl, w Onyx accents (61 gr)
Exquisitely elegant, expert gold filled wrapping on this wonderfully colored Ruby pendant. The Depth includes the bezel (casing) but not the bale, it's roughly the diameter of the stone itself. We often have more off line than online, so reach out, we'll see what we can do in terms of putting together a custom order and posting more items for you to enjoy. Though not from Diamantina - where the natural laser, or 'singing' crystals come from - this piece hails from China, and has an exceptional taper, down to a defined (but not pristine) point. What makes it even more unique is the infusion of nearly solid stone redness at the bottom, which flows more like ink in water higher up in the semi-clear crystal. It almost curves in the top third, and is overall a once in a lifetime find. I've never seen anything like it, and of such size and intactness, over the 25 years I've worked with crystals. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. OMG - exquisite piece of Rhodochrosite - with Onyx accents, true collector's piece, whether for aesthetic or metaphysical purposes. Signed "S. Paul." We specialize in Rhodochrosite. Selling for just over $7 a gram. Serious inquiries & offers considered.
"OM" bookends out of rich Soap Stone Rhodochrosite shallow bowl (76 gr) Red Quartz 'Diamantina' w/clearish laser
Richly colored, like a luxurious Granite, these soft and exquisitely carved "OM" bookends are over 2.5 pounds each(!), and are being sold as a pair. Textbook perfect high grade, gemmy Rhodochrosite shallow bowl. Ideal collector's item, whether for aesthetic or metaphysical purposes. Cost is just over $7 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Indentation/gashes ("family ghosts") from where other points were connected, along bottom third/half. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Ruby rough natural crystal (519 grams)
Over a pound of incredible cutting material -  you can see the translucency - and if you're a collector...it's an amazing, natural Crystal...of extraordinary size, integrity, and color! Only $2.89 per gram, nice price!