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Smoky Quartz druzy Heart pendant Jade (Nephrite) Elephant carving Opal (Peruvian pink) long palm piece
Discounted substantially from the original price, these pieces are priced individually, are all pretty identical. We'll get you the "best one available."  They have a hole driven through them (vertically), you can either set it in a bezel or run a cord/metal rod through it to set up a bale for hanging. Very sweet, finely worked Elephant carving, out of true Nephrite Jade (thin as a sliver). Could be great, set into a piece of jewelry...a pendant or whatnot. The photos capture this piece well, for the diminished lighting, but in proper bright light, it's pinker.
Fuschite (rough) slab Aventurine ("polished base"), green Quartz Jade (Nephrite) 'ocean worn' pendant
Fuschite (rough) slab
Our Price: $76.00
The polished side is visible while it's standing - and the base is polished as well - the other 4 sides are rough & natural, but not broken at all (and one of them is coated with the lighter material you can see in photo 3. Ocean Jade 'harvested' off the coast of Big Sur, this is one of the smallest pieces I got, directly from the diver. Its expertly wrapped in gold-filled wire (we take custom orders!) and is both soothing and emotionally grounding. Dimensions & Weight are including setting.
Quartz (Coral, or Anandalite) standing stalagmite Girasol (foggy) Quartz heart (gemmy) 4 Jade (Nephrite) 'fish hook' pendant/necklace
This type of material is rare, especially so big, and naturally standing! It's not entirely snow white, with some reddish residue on it, but it's quite a showpiece. Spectacular find (2013) of gemmy, cloudy Madagascar Girasol (foggy) Quartz Hearts...last one! Length is top to bottom (5.2cm), width is side to side (6cm), and depth is 2cm (thick). Girasol Quartz I call "the Trust stone" - because you can't see clearly through it - it represents (and gives you the opportunity to make peace with) the Unknown and the Unknowable. Beautifully carved, this distinctive fish hook is made of Wyoming Jade. Well wrapped necklace also features a Jade bead.
Jade (Nephrite) 'Maori ingot' pendant/necklace Rhodochrosite small Zuni bear (36.6 gr) Rose Quartz double pyramid octahedron
Beautifully carved, this distinctive ax head style pendant is made of Wyoming Jade. Notice the well wrapped necklace cord. This Peruvian Rhodochrosite - with its trademark soft pink color (but beautiful patterning) - has been carved perfectly into the traditional Zuni bear shape, with sensitivity to the natural patterning of the source stone. Note the vein running from front to back. Cost is $3 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Length is along each side, Depth is top to bottom point. I'm not seeing ANY of these being cut anymore, it's a bit of a collectors item.
Smoky Quartz (Colorado) phantom 'Jade' ('Forest' variety) Serpentine large palm piece (w/'lightning') Rhodochrosite standing 'mitt'
Fairly pristine point (very minor dinging), rich color, and very tight, glassy formation, with striations on the side. Rotating it in your hand will reveal the fine detail of the extensive 'phantoming' in this piece, made all the more rare because of its origin in Colorado, USA. It's not just a Heart Chakra stone, on account of being Smoky, it's also a Source (higher vibration) stone, due to the quality and formations inside. Over 3/4 of a pound of incredible color and texture - purchased as Nephrite Jade, polished beautifully into a large palm piece - but I think it may be an exceptional Serpentine variety. Best offers entertained, and reach out if you don't see something, we can post items uniquely for you. I call this the 'mitt' cause it looks like a catcher's glove - but it's a gorgeously patterned Rhodochrosite that actually stands - and is a perfect palm sized piece. Price is under $3 a gram, which is basically wholesale!
Smoky Quartz 'egg' pendant Quartz (Milky/Candle /Cactus) display generator Lemurian Quartz milky Twin Couple Stone aka Tantric Twin
Smoky Quartz 'egg' pendant
Our Price: $138.00
This is one of two, the other has a different bale. Expertly wrapped in gold-filled wire (we take custom orders), this perfectly colored Smoky is the standard for this exceptional variety of Quartz. Weight & Dimensions include setting. Contact us if you'd like one of your pieces custom wrapped! Large, leaning ash-colored Romanian Candle Quartz, quite a unique specimen! Message me for dimensions, and with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Almost like dolphins, swimming alongside one another, very emblematic stone for conjugal unity, or any other type of intimacy. Not a textbook Lemurian, but it does have that extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides).
Fuschite (polished) 8.7" wand Quartz (Amphibole/Angel) w/pink twin ghost phantoms Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) semi-cactus 'finger cake'
Quite unique for length and strength - though fine - it has Quartz or Calcite (the whiter material) in it. Very soft, warm energy, with completely unique double Angel, or Amphibole 'entities' (you could almost call them phantoms) inside. Pretty unusual, centered 'finger' rising from its cluster - almost like a cactus-quartz - but of the Indian 'Anandalite' variety. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Smoky Quartz 'Afro' Buddha Kunzite (pink Spodumene) pendant Rhodochrosite horse on Basalt (46 gr)
Smoky Quartz 'Afro' Buddha
Our Price: $160.00
Delicious honey-Smoky color - this full bellied Buddha looks almost African - and makes for a wonderfully inspirational piece wherever placed! Fantastic, fine specimen, captured in a fine but simple Sterling wrap. Seems to be double terminated (albeit roughly) and a 3-sided Crystal. Weight and Dimensions include setting. We'll entertain serious Best Offers - and have lots of material offline - let us know your interests so we can post custom items for you. Gorgeous Rhodochrosite horse atop Basalt base. Weight & measurements includes the base, horse itself is about 1.7" tall. Great combo of pattern and a gem/gel vein runni. Cost is under $4 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers.
Crystal Skull ~ Smoky Quartz (standing, Skeletal) Emerald chunk 'Jade' ('Forest' variety) Serpentine large pendant
Emerald chunk
Our Price: $180.00
Double whammy, triple really - a Smoky point carved into a Skull, that's two great qualities - but a Skeletal too! Plus, it has a forest of layered, subtle record keepers on one of the point faces (see photo 3). Over a quarter of a pound...real find! Photo #1 does it the best justice colorwise, as digital photography tends to bleach out anything lighter (as you see in the next photos). We can take a video for you, and you might consider a mineral oiling, to bring out the color. Anyhow, it's large and has some definition around its sides, without too much black matrix. Sold to me as Canada Jade - it really looks like the true Nephrite (especially in the 2nd picture) - but I believe the black specks a.00re too numerous - they 'run' (almost like veins) as opposed to simply being sporadic spots.). And the color - while apparently perfect in the photos (look at that transparency!) - is when compared to other verified Nephrite I have - a tad forest green (hence my nickname). All that having been said - it's still worth what I'm asking - and could easily be sold for half again or twice as much, if shown to be a true Nephrite (contrary to my unscientific assessment). The rope necklace is choker length, so it hangs high (but could be switched out).
Jade (Nephrite) riverworn, natural 'Heart Form' Malachite sphere (perfect, large, 'classic curvy') Herkimer Diamond Smoky Quartz gemmy twin generator
This piece is a solid dark green Suiseki (water worn) Hetian (China) Nephrite Jade. Its nickname is 'the Heart Stone' (because the way we can interpret its shape from one perspective). On the other side, it's got a really cool hand grip. It stands with the heart aspect kind of upside down. My research on this mentions streams of lava containing Tremolite (volcanic, white and transparent), and how they blend with minerals to darken towards the green. The full spread of hues can range from creamy to green white, to green, blue green, dark green, red, and yellow. Exceptionally large & perfect Malachite sphere, can't think of when I've seen another quite so nice (and big). Lifetime collection item. We do entertain serious Best Offers, and if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us (so we can post something uniquely for you). Exceptional, naturally standing Smoky Herkimer Diamond, with phenomenal rainbow, and all the textbook characteristics of a Skeletal Quartz (Elestial type facing, but icy caverns inside. It's gem quality, very glassy. Exceptional specimen!