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Smoky Quartz druzy Heart pendant Labradorite 'banded starcast electric storm' Lingam Jade (Nephrite) Elephant carving
Discounted substantially from the original price, these pieces are priced individually, are all pretty identical. We'll get you the "best one available."  They have a hole driven through them (vertically), you can either set it in a bezel or run a cord/metal rod through it to set up a bale for hanging. From Finland originally, this Spectrolite (essentially identical to Labradorite), was sent to India for carving & polishing into the archetypal Lingam shape (before being shipped again, to the USA). An unusual combination, very desirable. Very sweet, finely worked Elephant carving, out of true Nephrite Jade (thin as a sliver). Could be great, set into a piece of jewelry...a pendant or whatnot.
Opal (Peruvian pink) long palm piece Aquamarine/Topaz (blue) 'tablet' (34 gr) Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) large palm piece
The photos capture this piece well, for the diminished lighting, but in proper bright light, it's pinker. This piece actually has some partial termination - which makes it seem (in that way) like a Topaz - so we categorize it as both (though the color certainly seems more Aquamarine). The price is right, at just under $2/gram (half price)! Mystical material - akin to Malachite in its combination of black and green - it's a substantial piece too, making for a great collector/display piece.
Quartz (frosty) w/disc Hematite 'single point' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding' Labradorite sphere 2
Labradorite sphere 2
Our Price: $80.00
Evenly distributed perfect disc Hematite crystals - on just one side of this point - the other side is 'clean' and covered with sheen...the inside is totally glassy. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow! This good sized sphere has a 'twin' (in case you'd like a pair), double check that one or the other hasn't sold.
Prase Quartz small (olive) w/'ladder twin' Aventurine ("polished base"), green Quartz Jade (Nephrite) 'ocean worn' pendant
Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). The siding is super intricate and textured, like the motherboard of some incredible computer. The polished side is visible while it's standing - and the base is polished as well - the other 4 sides are rough & natural, but not broken at all (and one of them is coated with the lighter material you can see in photo 3. Ocean Jade 'harvested' off the coast of Big Sur, this is one of the smallest pieces I got, directly from the diver. Its expertly wrapped in gold-filled wire (we take custom orders!) and is both soothing and emotionally grounding. Dimensions & Weight are including setting.
Petrified Wood (layered & Smoky Quartz encrusted) Rhodonite: dark pink, polished palm piece Quartz (Coral, or Anandalite) standing stalagmite
smaller (ie. narrower, cause length is comparable), and lighter of the two held items Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape...kind of comes to a "point," and is very deep and rich in color...also unique at this size. It stands, and if you scroll through to the 4th photo, you'll get a better sense - in daylight - of its true color. This type of material is rare, especially so big, and naturally standing! It's not entirely snow white, with some reddish residue on it, but it's quite a showpiece.
Yellow Fluorite 'Amber nuggets' Prase Quartz Cathedral DT, etched Opal (pink) pendant
Opal (pink) pendant
Our Price: $90.00
The price is per piece - and which you get depends on which is still available - the measurements are for the smallest one (upper right). The others are bigger. Clearly double terminated, but with growth interference or post-formation etching (eating away) - this piece is green (with blue gray underpinnings) - and has fine Cathedraling on its side (smaller, side-terminations). We'll entertain serious Best Offers, always try to provide discounts where possible, and if you don't see something - ask - we'll be happy to post more material because most of our product is OFF line. Gorgeous Pink Opal pendant - nice Sterling setting - great, uniform color!
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 10 "opposites" Girasol (foggy) Quartz heart (gemmy) 4 Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Our Price: $100.00
The photos don't do this piece justice. Though what you see in photo 1 is a great standing piece, on the bottom (or both sides, if you lay it down differently) will reveal a second pocket and a second Herkimer Diamond crystal (hence the piece's nickname). Spectacular find (2013) of gemmy, cloudy Madagascar Girasol (foggy) Quartz Hearts...last one! Length is top to bottom (5.2cm), width is side to side (6cm), and depth is 2cm (thick). Girasol Quartz I call "the Trust stone" - because you can't see clearly through it - it represents (and gives you the opportunity to make peace with) the Unknown and the Unknowable. From Daye, Hubei (China) - this is truly unusual piece - it's a double terminated Calcite (how often do you see that?!). Height measurement is with it 'lying down.' The photos capture the texture and point definitions. Real collector's item, and great hand held power piece too!
Lemurian Quartz 'dolphin' point Amethyst (Bolivian, natural generator) 'taller' Lemurian Quartz 'rooted child'
So named because of it's wide, sloping top - 'dophin' actually has 2 five-sided faces. Lemurian 'seed' Quartz is a name bandied about and applied to almost any type of crystal, but in fact - by our definition - it refers to a specific formation, which includes one or all of these characteristics: striated or textured, as well as irregular siding; unique facing (on the points); and sometimes just 3 point faces forming the point (and the other 3 faces further down). At least three of the point faces are polished. 'That Color' - which only seems to happen in Bolivia - a kind of opaque, "glaucoma'd" lavender purple...very soft...and displayed nicely, with a flat cut base. Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and this unique 'child' coming up out of it - with a few millimeters of penetrating root, into the bigger crystal. Subtle, sort of 'subterranean' record keepers on the two biggest faces. Lower part of the point is marred by dings, but the top has a perfect triangle, with 2 primary faces on each side. Serious Best Offer inquiries entertained, and let us know if we can find you custom items (as most our product is offline), and we can post them.
Rhodochrosite small Zuni bear (36.6 gr) Aquamarine w Sterling pendants Skeletal Quartz F-14 (Fenster) 'smooth molar'
This Peruvian Rhodochrosite - with its trademark soft pink color (but beautiful patterning) - has been carved perfectly into the traditional Zuni bear shape, with sensitivity to the natural patterning of the source stone. Note the vein running from front to back. Cost is $3 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Triangular piece of Aquamarine, expertly wrapped in Sterling. Most of our inventory is offline, so if you'd like to see more, we welcome custom orders (and are ready to post more material if possible). While this piece has a great point with plenty of personality - it's named after its bottom - which is very jagged, tight, and glassy...really looks like a tooth...and the 'chip' on the top is due to the crystal's formation. Very nice palm piece.
Skeletal Quartz F-18 (Fenster) 'smoky molar' Lemurian Quartz large 'orange spot' Rose Quartz double pyramid octahedron
Very clear, but definitely Smoky too, the point is pretty flawless (but for a tiny ding). The base has nice jaggedy glassy 'ranges,' and it stand up slanted. Has slightly 'tangeriney' color towards the bottom, but strongly striated 3 main sides, and nice (but not perfect) point. Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Length is along each side, Depth is top to bottom point. I'm not seeing ANY of these being cut anymore, it's a bit of a collectors item.