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Crystal Skull, Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull (Spinel in matrix) Crystal Skull (Lava, large)
Unusual to find in this variety of Quartz. Smallish, but nice. Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, each of which capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' Also, the red is a bit more pink and muted than in the photos. As you can imagine, Lava is hard to cut - so this approximation of the human skull is quite an achievement! Solid black, probably of Pacific origin, it has a primary nostril, both eyes, and a strong jawline.
Crystal Skull in Milky/clear Quartz 'Crystal Skull' (resin) large, yellow Crystal Skull (clear Quartz) large
More clear than it would seem - see through section in photo #2 - this skull is milky Quartz, symbolic of Compassion. It is ultimately a gift from the "other side" to this side. We entertain serious Best Offer inquiries, and always provide discounts when possible. Dead-ringer for Amber, but made of resin instead, this large Skull is phenomenal. Note the roughed out indentations. It's a wow! Large and exceptionally clear, quality Quartz skull. Serious collector's item!
Citrine (natural) generator point Crystal Skull Crystal Skull (clear Quartz, large, hollowed)
Large rustic point - over a pound of natural Citrine (514 grams) - at less than a $1 per gram...with form fitting Skull carved into it. Excellent collectors item, as well as perfect for any Crystal Skull enthusiast. Look at the close-up of the face (photo 5) and see it's fully 6-sided (revealing the original crystalline formation). Exquisitely carved clear Quartz skull - chosen from among several inferior samples - this was THE standout. It's probably Brazilian material, and it was carved in China. We will entertain serious Best Offer inquiries, as we always provide discounts where possible.