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Jade (Nephrite) Elephant carving "Jade" (white) 'twisting snake' blue-green Aventurine frilled-lizard carving
Very sweet, finely worked Elephant carving, out of true Nephrite Jade (thin as a sliver). Could be great, set into a piece of jewelry...a pendant or whatnot. Clearly not Jade - if it were, it would be 3x the price - though it was sold to me as such. This charming snake carving is probably made out of Alabaster or white Soap Stone. Very soft and waxy surface (coupla dings, as you can see from the photo, and the tail tip has a chip). Looks like the Hawaiian hand signal. Quite a find! Quite extraordinarily detailed carving of frilled-neck lizard ~ 'better' than the real thing, from images I've seen ~ and in an unusually blue'ish Aventurine. Quite masterful! Carving work done in China, stone likely from Brazil.
Turquoise 'deluxe dragon' carving Sugilite rough fish (superior carving)
It's hard to believe what incredible color this piece has - but I bought it from a very reputable supplier - whose expert Indonesian carvers swore of its authenticity. The imperfections seem to support that. But we are not gemologists and cannot test/verify that for you. Therefore we make no guarantees, and you agree to purchase the piece as is, whatever its makeup. First image highlights the darks, which are more purple in reality, while the 2nd image is more saturated, due to bright light (that brings out the gemmy parts)...think between them for the true-to-the-eye color. This exquisite carved fish jumping out of the waves, is nestled onto a "mountainside" of black stone (the Manganese, I believe, that is ultimately of higher demand nowadays - for it's quantity and marketability - by the miners). This particular piece has exceptionally good energy, even on the black side (which usually feels "inert" vibrationally, in other occurances). Still, because so much of it is black, I'm charging only $7 a gram. Essentially all Sugilite was mined in the early 80's (or before), and comes out of old collections. Most will tell you: nothing new's coming out of the ground. It is virtually absent from most stores, shows & dealers' selections. For that reason - because it's so rare - my starting SRP is always $10 per gram (higher for pink gel material). Though lesser samples can be found more cheaply, I pick and showcase a good number of the best pieces available, which represents a strong belief in the stone's value. Still, and am open to negotiation - depending on the market, and availability - and I will at least consider serious offers (particularly from collectors and those who appreciate this stone's unique metaphysical qualities).