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Crystal Skull in Sodalite Sodalite obelisk 'squat'
Crystal Skull in Sodalite
Our Price: $38.00
Sodalite obelisk 'squat'
Our Price: $90.00
I can't promise this is Sodalite - but sure looks like it - more than blue Quartz (due to the lack of translucency and the presence of white stuff in it). But hey - it's blue - and there aren't that many blue skulls out there! Six sided, and cut like a Lemurian point (with only 3 faces making the point), this is the most deluxe Sugilite I've ever seen...not too much white...a lot of dark blue...and a tighness of energy that makes it akin to Lapis. The light blue spot at the top is actually the reflection of a light, not intrinsic to the stone.