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'Jade' ('Forest' variety) Serpentine large pendant Jade-like Serpentine 'dark eagle'
Sold to me as Canada Jade - it really looks like the true Nephrite (especially in the 2nd picture) - but I believe the black specks a.00re too numerous - they 'run' (almost like veins) as opposed to simply being sporadic spots.). And the color - while apparently perfect in the photos (look at that transparency!) - is when compared to other verified Nephrite I have - a tad forest green (hence my nickname). All that having been said - it's still worth what I'm asking - and could easily be sold for half again or twice as much, if shown to be a true Nephrite (contrary to my unscientific assessment). The rope necklace is choker length, so it hangs high (but could be switched out). Said to be carved in China - this exceptional workmanship really captures the power and majesty of the eagle - see photos of the side, front, bottom, and back. Not sure of the origin of the source stone, but it looks a lot like Jade, even though I'm quite sure it's not (it has that feel). Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. And remember, we have much more offline than online, so we're happy to learn more about your interests, so we can post new product just for you!