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Herkimer Diamond matrix 'being' Herkimer Diamond, standing pyramidal matrix (w/crystal) Herkimer Diamond in matrix 7 "trio"
This interestingly formed chunk of Herkimer Diamond matrix does not actually contain a Crystal (thought it's glittery). It stands if placed on an angled surface, like the large boulder in photo 2. And it's called an "Entity Stone" because of it's shape, like a hooded, robed being. Nestled towards the base of this piece is a gorgeous, bright Herkimer Diamond crystal. Pockets on the other side have lots of glitter. And it stands as a natural pyramid! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Three connected Herkimer Diamonds, sitting in their dark druzy matrix - facing up when it's on a table - very nice 'family' piece/cluster. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 10 "opposites" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 4 "dramatic" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 2 "light in the mountain"
The photos don't do this piece justice. Though what you see in photo 1 is a great standing piece, on the bottom (or both sides, if you lay it down differently) will reveal a second pocket and a second Herkimer Diamond crystal (hence the piece's nickname). Like a jagged flame, this multi-pocketed matrix has one Herkimer Diamond towards its pinnacle, an open druzy "chamber," and some smaller crystals nestled lower to the base, as it stands. Truly special. Please Message me with serious interest & Best Offers. Good sized Herkimer Diamond crystal with little twin/baby attached (in back) - peers out from both sides - displays wonderfully on a stand. The black line near my thumb (in photo 2) is a drip of water, so that wouldn't appear. Nice flat piece. Not big and clunky. Less than half a pound in weight. Serious inquiries & offers, Message me.
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 12 "flawless" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 9 "mountaintop" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 8 "brilliant, two ways"
Perfect shape and very clear, this wonderful Herkimer Diamond sits atop its matrix, embedded in black druze (with an almost pyramidal, pointed angle). Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Nicknamed "mountaintop" this chunk has an interesting 5-sided shape that is very stabilizing (represents hearth and home). See how nicely it sits on its stand (it's over 2 pounds!). The black druzy pocket on the top, has a magnificently bright (but not perfect) Herkimer Diamond nestled in. Spectacular piece - lies in a pyramidal form - with a bright, rainbowy Herkimer Diamond crystal "looking out" onto two faces of the matrix. Real collectors' item, and magical too! Message me with serious interest & Best Offers.
Smoky Quartz Herkimer Diamond gemmy generator
Exceptional, naturally standing Smoky Herkimer Diamond, with phenomenal rainbow, and all the textbook characteristics of a Skeletal Quartz (Elestial type facing, but icy caverns inside. It's gem quality, very glassy. Exceptional specimen!