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Lemurian Quartz 'subtle record keeper' generator Lemurian Quartz small 'family transmitter' Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle'
Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle'
Our Price: $45.00
3 main faces form the almost perfect point, and the other 3 faces are set back, all symmetrical, and leaning as a small generator. Very sweet & positive piece - not a traditional Lemurian - but good striation on the sides. Also self healed on the bottom. Photos have trouble doing this precious piece justice. It has 2 major points, and 3 or more smaller points...clear and milky...with a nice clean base too. Not an elongated Lemurian, but it does have that telltale extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides). Incredibly clear, with irregular siding, and an almost perfect point.
Lemurian Quartz 'clear/frosty/trapezoid' Lemurian Quartz 3 'super clear 5-point' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian ultraclear'
Quite perfect point (unmarred), with interesting 'trapezoid' etch/shavings off, near the point (on 3 sides). Some frostiness on the main face. No real milkiness, it's all clear! Water clear top to bottom, siding striation very subtle, some point-face polishing...very stable energy...equilibrium! Almost completely perfect point Polished point and very clear, light striation siding, almost perfect point (even after polishing). Quite soft, perfect palm size.
Lemurian Diamantina laser Quartz 4 'pyramid' Lemurian Quartz 'baby' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding'
Lemurian Quartz 'baby'
Our Price: $68.00
One side (and some point facets) polished, to let you see into this amazing piece, whose broadest side is richly etched with perfectly straight lines, like a ladder. It doesn't stand, but it's very pyramidal. It also looks slightly Smoky, and is BOTH a Lemurian AND a Diamantina laser quartz (which I've NEVER seen before). Quite unique! Being a fairly perfect point would be enough on this piece, but having a flawless 'baby' growing off it makes it quite unique and special. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow!
Lemurian Quartz 'rooted child' Lemurian Quartz 'blip/Concorde' Lemurian Quartz 'dolphin' point
Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and this unique 'child' coming up out of it - with a few millimeters of penetrating root, into the bigger crystal. Subtle, sort of 'subterranean' record keepers on the two biggest faces. Lower part of the point is marred by dings, but the top has a perfect triangle, with 2 primary faces on each side. Fairly perfect, clear point, with small 'blip' crystal chunk sticking out, towards the bottom. Also, if you look at the point coming towards you, it's like the point of the Concorde jetliner. So named because of it's wide, sloping top - 'dophin' actually has 2 five-sided faces. Lemurian 'seed' Quartz is a name bandied about and applied to almost any type of crystal, but in fact - by our definition - it refers to a specific formation, which includes one or all of these characteristics: striated or textured, as well as irregular siding; unique facing (on the points); and sometimes just 3 point faces forming the point (and the other 3 faces further down). At least three of the point faces are polished.
Lemurian Quartz generator 'open back' Lemurian Quartz large 'orange spot' Lemurian Quartz generator 'water clear clouds'
This 'twin back' Lemurian has 2nd point embedded onto the back - and I treasure twin points in general for their couple & family - human/connection symbolism...most superiorly represented in Lemurians. This natural/cut-polished generator a a great relationship reinforcement. Has slightly 'tangeriney' color towards the bottom, but strongly striated 3 main sides, and nice (but not perfect) point. Named after its wispy, barely visible 'clouds' - this ultra clear Lemurian generator is a wonder -  conditions a whole room with purity and unhindered focus. Great ridging on this natural & cut/polished piece.
Lemurian Quartz generator 'red rainbow' Lemurian Quartz generator 'open back' Lemurian Quartz 'pene-transmitter'
Named as a result of its iron tinged internal fracture - which does catch a rainbow - this polished/natural Lemurian generator is a gorgeous specimen, and has a light playing 'structure' towards its base too (that's wonderful). Named after its jaggedly open back side. They didn't polish that out because the crystal is so clear, it enhances its beauty. Nice to feel that fractured surface - which on higher quality Quartz - is soft to the touch (not sharp). Gently polished ultra-clear Lemurian goodness, stands straight up. Conditions a whole room. Extraordinary! Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and a unique 'penetration' point coming into it it (the photos don't do it justice) - with about 2cm of length inside. It stands at an angle, making it a transmitter, and has a fairly perfect main point. Gorgeous, glittery, semi-healed, milky quartz base.
Lemurian Quartz generator 'missing friend' healer Lemurian Quartz milky Twin Couple Stone Lemurian Quartz 'gentle frosty' 3.55"
Named 'missing friend' because of the indentation, where it's 'friend' crystal was growing. But as with other ultra clear Lemurians, it's atomic structure is so tight that the break there is soft to the touch. All about healing. Natural, cut, and polished. Almost like dolphins, swimming alongside one another, very emblematic stone for conjugal unity, or any other type of intimacy. Not a textbook Lemurian, but it does have that extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides). Very translucent, the frostiness is quite soft, and all the faces are natural, unpolished, clear into the base, with a connection valley (to one of its crystalline neighbors, no longer connected). Tiny chip under the point. "Anatomically" extraordinary!
Lemurian Quartz 'big diamond' 4.25" Lemurian Quartz 'rainbow base' 3.75" Lemurian Quartz 'triangular/surgical' laser
Very clear - bottom 40% is milky - and that diamond, wow! It's not cut or polished. Intact point & faces. Serious statement piece. Gorgeous! Named after the curvy light catcher a its base (one photo has a close-up of it). This is a very perfect Lemurian with the tiniest chip on the point. Faces are all natural, unpolished, clear to the base. Ever so slightly Smoky. Awesome crystal! Incredibly sharply defined, triangular (prismatic, really) Lemurian, with termination faces polished). Nice, clear sides, and a milky base.
Lemurian Quartz 6.85" ('Clear') Lemurian Quartz 7.1" ('Frosty') Lemurian Quartz 9.25" 'Majestic' point
slight ding on point, cool patterning along main flat side, 'missing friend' where another crystal was attached chip but perfect, natural point, alignment kind of unusual Gargantuan Lemurian with out-of-this-world sheen on 3 sides (also featuring gentle striations). Other 3 sides are totally clear - as is the interior - down to the base (where it gets milky). Biggest termination face is natural, and only 2 of the other 5 have been buff-polished. Outrageous!