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Crystal Skull (Ruby in matrix) Ruby rough 'star' polished point crystal pendant Ruby 'bulls eye' sphere pendant
Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, which each capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' Extraordinary, gold-fill wrapping of a polished Ruby crystal. Good size, density, awesome piece! Contact us if you'd like one of your own pieces custom wrapped! Exquisitely elegant, expert gold filled wrapping on this wonderfully colored Ruby pendant. We often have more off line than online, so reach out, we'll see what we can do in terms of putting together a custom order and posting more items for you to enjoy.
Ruby rough natural crystal (519 grams)
Over a pound of incredible cutting material -  you can see the translucency - and if you're a collector...it's an amazing, natural Crystal...of extraordinary size, integrity, and color! Only $2.89 per gram, nice price!