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Petrified Wood, large red Quartz (clear) 'gazer wave' carving Amber, Baltic (green) 'sail' wooden set pendant
Petrified Wood, large red
Our Price: $130.00
Lies 'flat' with the glassy exposed area on top, more 'rocky' & 'matrixy' base ont he 'back' and bottom. Can also stand in a leaning fashion - with that rocky side more exposed - and the 'gemmy' side facing more down. Combining a polished orb shape - for gazing in - embellished as well by internal inclusions and the rough, orange colored underside...this piece also has carving elements (almost Deco in it's depiction of waves). It's not clear whether the Quartz originates in China, or whether they simply carved it (and it comes from elsewhere). Quite unusual, and similar, uncarved material from Brazil is astromical. So this seems well priced, for what it is. Green is a color of Amber unique to Ukraine - and it gets much greener than this - which is naturally rough in back, and features those interesting little reflective discs inside. Extraordinary workmanship (German or Italian jeweler), acquired from Ukrainian vendor. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
"OM" bookends out of rich Soap Stone
Richly colored, like a luxurious Granite, these soft and exquisitely carved "OM" bookends are over 2.5 pounds each(!), and are being sold as a pair.