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Labradorite sphere 2 Pendant - Labradorite & Amethyst (3 Emeralds) Labradorite 'striated' disc/lens Sterling pendant
Labradorite sphere 2
Our Price: $80.00
This good sized sphere has a 'twin' (in case you'd like a pair), double check that one or the other hasn't sold. Impressive collection of stones on a backplate, all quality Sterling setting. We have named the Emerald as such, because of its look, but we cannot vouch for certain that's what it is. The others are obvious. What you see in the photo - combined with your own judgment, taste, and our best estimate - is the most we can promise. The seller did now know for sure either, and the item # (what's written on the back of the tag) is I-29. Among Labradorites, there are several varieties. This is the rare, striated form, which is further enhance by having been cut perfectly into a disc/lens form, and set expertly in a Sterling wrap. Super distinctive piece. Contact us for customer wrapping.