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Lemurian Quartz 'subtle record keeper' generator Lemurian Quartz small 'family transmitter' Lemurian (penetration) Quartz 'child within' transmitter'
3 main faces form the almost perfect point, and the other 3 faces are set back, all symmetrical, and leaning as a small generator. Very sweet & positive piece - not a traditional Lemurian - but good striation on the sides. Also self healed on the bottom. Photos have trouble doing this precious piece justice. It has 2 major points, and 3 or more smaller points...clear and milky...with a nice clean base too. Not an elongated Lemurian, but it does have that telltale extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides). Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and a unique 'penetration' point coming into it it (the photos don't do it justice) - with about 2cm of length inside. It stands at an angle, making it a transmitter, and has a fairly perfect main point. Gorgeous, glittery, semi-healed, milky quartz base.
Topaz 'perfect point' (204gr)
Exceptional - textbook Topaz termination - stands straight up (with clean, natural sheer on the bottom). Look at all those facets!