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Quartz (clear), 'baby-on-mama' (large) Herkimer Diamond in matrix 7 "trio" Quart (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'twin rails'
You can see the clarity on the point better in person, but what you do see from these photos, is that cool baby peaking out, and actually capable of transmitting, from the solid base of the parent. Three connected Herkimer Diamonds, sitting in their dark druzy matrix - facing up when it's on a table - very nice 'family' piece/cluster. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. A chip in the main point shows the glassy interior, and the smaller point is tending towards termination. The disc-shaped Hematite crystals are textbook perfect, and evenly distributed.
Skeletal Quartz F-15 (Fenster) 'split point' Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'couple stone' Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals ''big 'n' little''
Fascinating facing texture - subtle double point - and quasi sceptering make this a very special piece. Perfectly fits in the palm, and even has a rainbow in it. 'Bottom' or back end self healed. Great soft, glassy areas of facing. Evenly distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on these two crystals as one combo.Totally glassy interior. Evenly (and sparseley) distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on this frosty twin Quartz. Totally glassy interior (you can look right in, like it's flowing water).
Skeletal Quartz F-16 (Fenster) 'twin face' Quart (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'twin laser' Lemurian Quartz milky Twin Couple Stone
Very interesting piece - the strong, glassy twin facing on top are great - but so too is the self healed, cratery bottom, which has a fissure running right up into the center of the piece. Looking down on it, it's 6 sided, but displays nicely as a slightly leaning double generator. The lower point is better formed, with a clean flat ridge, than the upper point. Length measurement is the longest, side to side dimension. Somewhat self-healed. Almost like dolphins, swimming alongside one another, very emblematic stone for conjugal unity, or any other type of intimacy. Not a textbook Lemurian, but it does have that extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides).
Skeletal Quartz F-11 (Fenster) 'duo' Red Quartz hematoid twin Skeletal Quartz F-13 (Fenster) 'baby on board'
Red Quartz hematoid twin
Our Price: $160.00
These 2 fused, squat DT's make a new and amazing piece - perfectly fitting in the palm - and filled with skeletal and termination action. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but it's very rich, and quite evocative...the twin pair...couple stone! Message me with serious inquiries. Very clear - can't be called a Smoky - the 'baby on board' is a clear penetration crystal. Tightness & translucency are awesome. Called a display piece, even thought it's not vertical (a stand could change that). Certainly could be a projector, laser, or wand piece. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Red Quartz 'triple-point half-and-half' Skeletal Quartz F-6 (Fenster) 'twin peaks' Skeletal Quartz F-8 (Fenster) 'trio family'
Main point not pristine, red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but what a specimen (and to have 3 points blended like this), amazing! Message me with serious inquiries. Very tight, Herkimer like energy (and clarity), leaning generator, phenomenal piece. Self healed base makes it a floater, and it fits great in the palm. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. What a gem! Three main points on top - all naturally connected - and with more ridges on the bottom...all terminated. Extraordinary configuration! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Prase Quartz (blue-green) 'triple play'
Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). The combination of intact points is particularly impressive (might work well on a stand). Width is across from the outer ends of the two furthest points; and Depth is the diameter of the largest of the 3 crystals, at the base.