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Rose Quartz (lavender) large chunk Fluorite (lavender) 'dolphin pod' Lithium Quartz cathedral
Lithium Quartz cathedral
Our Price: $130.00
Great glassy, gemmy quality and depth of color...good size (and stands!) too. The photos do the color & carving justice, but can't capture the soft feel unique to lavender Fluorite. Wow! Look at that classic Lithium Quartz color - and the back - that cathedraling is stunning - also note the side'ish view, with the stacked termination, and see the phantoming in the first photo's lower left.
Amethyst (Bolivian, natural generator) 'taller'
'That Color' - which only seems to happen in Bolivia - a kind of opaque, "glaucoma'd" lavender purple...very soft...and displayed nicely, with a flat cut base.