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Quartz (Foggy/Girasol) smaller sphere Quartz (Cathedral) point Smoky Elestial Quartz 'giant tabular'
Quartz (Cathedral) point
Our Price: $68.00
Very gently cloudy - uniform - few inclusions...great price! Fine detailed formations on the side of this Cathedral Quartz, with a bit of Geysering - offshoot terminations - on the side as well. The point is kind of etched in one place, and it's "waisted" - meaning if bulges in the middle - which is a very rare formation habit. The longer I have this piece, the more valuable it becomes, because I've seen NOTHING like it since. Smoky Elestials - small ones - can be fairly cheap. But to find a nearly flawless floater tabby of this size (almost a foot!) is NOT common.