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Pyrite #12, sm standing pyramid Herkimer Diamond matrix 'being' Shungite pyramid (med), tall base
Quite unique, this little 'mountain' leans a bit, but could balance on the forehead, as well as fitting nicely in the hand. A keeper! This interestingly formed chunk of Herkimer Diamond matrix does not actually contain a Crystal (thought it's glittery). It stands if placed on an angled surface, like the large boulder in photo 2. And it's called an "Entity Stone" because of it's shape, like a hooded, robed being. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, but also some surface personality, and a semi-oval mark on the bottom, possibly from a previous price tag (in the past). It also has a kind of elevated base.
Shungite pyramid (med) solid black Shungite pyramid (lrge) Chrysocolla natural pyramid, with polished base
Shungite pyramid (lrge)
Our Price: $50.00
This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, hardly any surface markings, and is solid black. Slightly sharper upward angle than the other medium piece. This largest Shungite pyramid we have, has a lot of interesting surface. From an old collection - this interesting piece stands like a pyramid - with great color on the polished base (small, purplish enamel or something, caked on there...you can see it in photo 2).
Herkimer Diamond, standing pyramidal matrix (w/crystal) Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) large palm piece Lemurian Quartz large 'orange spot'
Nestled towards the base of this piece is a gorgeous, bright Herkimer Diamond crystal. Pockets on the other side have lots of glitter. And it stands as a natural pyramid! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Mystical material - akin to Malachite in its combination of black and green - it's a substantial piece too, making for a great collector/display piece. Has slightly 'tangeriney' color towards the bottom, but strongly striated 3 main sides, and nice (but not perfect) point.
Rose Quartz double pyramid octahedron Herkimer Diamond in matrix 8 "brilliant, two ways" Purple Fluorite pyramid, 'clear point'
Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Length is along each side, Depth is top to bottom point. I'm not seeing ANY of these being cut anymore, it's a bit of a collectors item. Spectacular piece - lies in a pyramidal form - with a bright, rainbowy Herkimer Diamond crystal "looking out" onto two faces of the matrix. Real collectors' item, and magical too! Message me with serious interest & Best Offers. Unlike most other purple Fluorites, this pyramid comes from a stock that closely resembles Amethyst in color. I actually have several - so the one you get may be slightly different - inquire as to which are available (and to get extra photos). They are flawlessly cut, and are spectacular collectors' (and metaphysical) showpiece!
Green Fluorite, frosty natural octahedral cluster
Exquisite little, perfectly formed "nail head" Calcite crystals adorn this enigmatic (large palm sized) pale frosted Fluorite octahedron cluster from China. It's a floater, no clear attachment (or "break-off" points, but none of its terminations are hard & super defined...it's as free floating as it is linear. Very interesting piece. Natural octahedrons are quite rare, and worth all the more. We entertain serious Best Offers and provide discounts where possible.