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Quartz (frosty) w/disc Hematite 'single point' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding' Quartz (clear) semi-Vogel wand/obelisk
Evenly distributed perfect disc Hematite crystals - on just one side of this point - the other side is 'clean' and covered with sheen...the inside is totally glassy. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow! I have several of these - there might be some variation in look & dimension - so before purchasing, Message me as to which is currently available. These standing pieces are great for display - though they're tall for the size of their base - so an adhesive or support at the bottom is recommended. They are cut to have 8 sides (a bit like a Vogel cut) - and tapers at the end - good wand as well. Beautiful, with subtle and gemmy inclusions throughout. Very nice!
Rose Quartz power massage wand Quart (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'twin rails' Lemurian Quartz 'blip/Concorde'
Lightening towards the 'point' - this very gemmy, gentle pink Rose Quartz is both a great wand & a great massage tool. A chip in the main point shows the glassy interior, and the smaller point is tending towards termination. The disc-shaped Hematite crystals are textbook perfect, and evenly distributed. Fairly perfect, clear point, with small 'blip' crystal chunk sticking out, towards the bottom. Also, if you look at the point coming towards you, it's like the point of the Concorde jetliner.
Smoky Quartz (Colorado) phantom Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'couple stone' Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals ''big 'n' little''
Fairly pristine point (very minor dinging), rich color, and very tight, glassy formation, with striations on the side. Rotating it in your hand will reveal the fine detail of the extensive 'phantoming' in this piece, made all the more rare because of its origin in Colorado, USA. It's not just a Heart Chakra stone, on account of being Smoky, it's also a Source (higher vibration) stone, due to the quality and formations inside. Evenly distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on these two crystals as one combo.Totally glassy interior. Evenly (and sparseley) distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on this frosty twin Quartz. Totally glassy interior (you can look right in, like it's flowing water).
Quartz, semi-Cathedral 'spindly' DT wand Quartz (frosty) waisted laser w/disc Hematite Quart (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'twin laser'
Very unique formation - very special piece - with fine smaller point and encrusted with some chlorite and a white crystal. Exquisite, fine point - early 6" long - and with "waisting" (narrowing) towards the tip (and disc Hematite on one side)...a real find! Somewhat self-healed.
Quartz (clear) 8.25-inch (etched siding) Crystal Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile") obelisk 2 Lemurian Quartz 'gentle frosty' 3.55"
Highly intricate patterning all along each side of this natural clear point (no polished faces). Great texture, soft to the touch. Would make for quite a wand! This Stromatolite (ancient sea life fossil) is nicknamed 'slimmer' (because the other is more squat), and makes for an extraordinary collector/display piece (or wand!). Very translucent, the frostiness is quite soft, and all the faces are natural, unpolished, clear into the base, with a connection valley (to one of its crystalline neighbors, no longer connected). Tiny chip under the point. "Anatomically" extraordinary!
Quartz (celestial) DT Lemurian Quartz 'big diamond' 4.25" Lemurian Quartz 'rainbow base' 3.75"
Quartz (celestial) DT
Our Price: $160.00
This magnificent piece has the telltale signs of being a Celestial Quartz (my name), as a result of having one whole side semi-elestial, but much glassier, and very intricately textured. The biggest face is polished. It's a large palm piece, and is double terminated! Funny little attached crystal - on one side - has clear rainbow in it. Almost has a milky, phantomic interior, with the more normally formed side/point showing as kind of clear under the surface. Great for passing over a troubled area. Very clear - bottom 40% is milky - and that diamond, wow! It's not cut or polished. Intact point & faces. Serious statement piece. Gorgeous! Named after the curvy light catcher a its base (one photo has a close-up of it). This is a very perfect Lemurian with the tiniest chip on the point. Faces are all natural, unpolished, clear to the base. Ever so slightly Smoky. Awesome crystal!
Smoky Quartz 'Pine' Cathedral Red Quartz med/wide 'Diamantina' Lemurian Quartz 'triangular/surgical' laser
Very good, clean, Smoky energy on this one - good laser too - and a true Cathedral quartz (you can see all that terminated siding). Uniform quality all around. Magical! Strongly recommended. Nicknamed "Gentle Laser" - this piece has a feminine feel - and delivers it's energies more softly. Message me with serious inquiries. Incredibly sharply defined, triangular (prismatic, really) Lemurian, with termination faces polished). Nice, clear sides, and a milky base.
Red Quartz super 'Diamantina' laser Red Quartz 'Diamantina' laser (layered point) Red Quartz med flare point w/semi-penetration
Though not from Diamantina - where the natural laser, or 'singing' crystals come from - this piece hails from China, and has an exceptional taper, down to a defined (but not pristine) point. What makes it even more unique is the infusion of nearly solid stone redness at the bottom, which flows more like ink in water higher up in the semi-clear crystal. It almost curves in the top third, and is overall a once in a lifetime find. I've never seen anything like it, and of such size and intactness, over the 25 years I've worked with crystals. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Mysticly formed point (it's like the outer layers were eroded), almost sub-tissue on a tooth. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Fairly perfect point (one little chip off one face) - features rare flaring quality - bigger in the middle than at the base.
Red Quartz 'Diamantina saw bottom' laser Lemurian Quartz 6.85" ('Clear') Lemurian Quartz 7.1" ('Frosty')
Gorgeous point, slight marring of one face on the point, but otherwise perfect. 'Saw bottom' refers to the geometric pattern at the base. slight ding on point, cool patterning along main flat side, 'missing friend' where another crystal was attached chip but perfect, natural point, alignment kind of unusual
Quartz (clear, Diamantina laser): 'ginormo' Red Quartz 'Diamantina' w/clearish laser Quartz (clear variety, huge point): 'straight'
Nearly 3 pounds - perfect point (polished) - and just under 10 inches long...quite a statement...and very unusual for this rare laser variety (that only comes like this, in clear Quartz, from one place in the world (to my knowledge). Indentation/gashes ("family ghosts") from where other points were connected, along bottom third/half. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Over 4.5 pounds - huge 'straight' point - nearly a foot long, with polished point. Great centerpiece, captures perfectly what Quartz is all about.