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Double-Terminated Crystals Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly)
DT's are "double terminated" - meaning they come to a point at both ends of a crystal - whereas "floaters" are essentially clusters that are terminated all around. In both cases - perfect termination is not always required to qualify - near perfect termination, or the smallest of "connection points" to the source matrix may suffice to earn the designation.
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Quartz (clear) w/black phantom 'ghosts' Malachite (sm) striated 'velvet habit' floater Pyrite #12, sm standing pyramid
These exquisite, perfect DT's (double terminated crystals) hail from Tibet, and have the most unusual little black "ghost" residing in their middle. They're roughly an inch long, each, and proportionally wide & deep. Someone bought 6 for a layout, so we only have a few of these left, cannot promise which you'll get (but they're all good). Price is per unit, not a batch price. This collectors palm piece, is a variety that shows the sheeny green Malachite over an ochre'y colored earth tone stone. Quite unique, this little 'mountain' leans a bit, but could balance on the forehead, as well as fitting nicely in the hand. A keeper!
Pyrite cube (naturally occurring) Pyrite cube (naturally occurring) Azurite (sm light)
Azurite (sm light)
Our Price: $46.00
Priced each at $32. Which you get depends on which is still available. Clearly not polished, these Pyrite Cubes have fascinating patterns on their siding, looks like a computer electronics board. They're from Logrono, Spain, no less (that's unusual)!. Priced each at $30. Clearly not polished, these Pyrite Cubes have fascinating patterns on their siding, looks like a computer electronics board. They're from Logrono, Spain, no less (that's unusual)!. Quite a charming piece - not the most amount of blue color exposed (due to lightish matrix coating) - but it's got some nice glitter when moved (or the light catches it right), and it stands! Standing height is modest, it's the width measurement, but it's a great specimen for someone who's looking for a solid Azurite minus the high pricing.
Azurite (small, rounded) floater Azurite (small, elongated) floater Prase Quartz Cathedral DT, etched
Lovely piece - essentially a little sphere - but it 'stands' (the 2nd image, would be the base, from which height is determined). Lovely piece - it's terminated all around - great color! Interesting shape, as well. Clearly double terminated, but with growth interference or post-formation etching (eating away) - this piece is green (with blue gray underpinnings) - and has fine Cathedraling on its side (smaller, side-terminations). We'll entertain serious Best Offers, always try to provide discounts where possible, and if you don't see something - ask - we'll be happy to post more material because most of our product is OFF line.
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 10 "opposites" Calcite Milky Elestial DT Skeletal Quartz F-7 (Fenster) 'hole' eye socket
Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Our Price: $100.00
The photos don't do this piece justice. Though what you see in photo 1 is a great standing piece, on the bottom (or both sides, if you lay it down differently) will reveal a second pocket and a second Herkimer Diamond crystal (hence the piece's nickname). From Daye, Hubei (China) - this is truly unusual piece - it's a double terminated Calcite (how often do you see that?!). Height measurement is with it 'lying down.' The photos capture the texture and point definitions. Real collector's item, and great hand held power piece too! It's hard to tell with the photos, but there are 2 deep 'eye sockets' on this piece. It has an elongated, 8-sided face, with a tight, glassy Smoky bottom.
Skeletal Quartz F-9 (Fenster) 'mammoth tooth' Skeletal Quartz F-10 (Fenster) 'sink hole' Lithium Quartz cathedral
Lithium Quartz cathedral
Our Price: $130.00
Although looking down on it, it seems like a molar (per the name), it's really an interesting fortress, or contained mountain range, as well. The top, and particularly the bottom, are etched, but there's a clear segment all around its 'waist' - and the whole piece has 6 sides - almost as if it would have grown into one solid crystal, if it hadn't been a skeletal. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. It's rare that a DT can stand on its 'other end' termination(s) - this one does - and although it has the characteristic (for this piece, which gives it its name) 'sink hole,' it has a pretty well formed, extended, and clear point. Perfect palm piece, too. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Wow! Look at that classic Lithium Quartz color - and the back - that cathedraling is stunning - also note the side'ish view, with the stacked termination, and see the phantoming in the first photo's lower left.
Azurite pendant Azurite pendant with Aquamarine Herkimer Diamond in matrix 8 "brilliant, two ways"
Azurite pendant
Our Price: $135.00
This listing is for the bottom center piece. These astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals are captured in Sterling settings. Inquire, in case we have some with Aquamarine accompaniment. 2nd photo's a bit dark, but shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater! The pendant in the upper right is also available, it's item #2177. We are open to serious inquiries regarding discounts or Best Offers. Astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals (terminated in back, too) captured in Sterling settings, some we have (like this one) are with Aquamarine accompaniment. 2nd photo shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater! Spectacular piece - lies in a pyramidal form - with a bright, rainbowy Herkimer Diamond crystal "looking out" onto two faces of the matrix. Real collectors' item, and magical too! Message me with serious interest & Best Offers.
Quartz (Celestial) ingot DT Quartz (celestial) DT Quartz (Cactus-Cathedral Elestial) 'gnarly green' DT
Quartz (celestial) DT
Our Price: $160.00
Stunning shard of Celestial Quartz from India. There is a connection/severing spot in the middle of the thicker end. What makes it so crazy are the semi-record-keepers on more textured side, which looks almost like an etched Kunzite. Astounding specimen! This magnificent piece has the telltale signs of being a Celestial Quartz (my name), as a result of having one whole side semi-elestial, but much glassier, and very intricately textured. The biggest face is polished. It's a large palm piece, and is double terminated! Funny little attached crystal - on one side - has clear rainbow in it. Almost has a milky, phantomic interior, with the more normally formed side/point showing as kind of clear under the surface. Great for passing over a troubled area. Astonishingly ancient looking and powerful, this double terminated madness is relatively unique - with a funny little clear tabby attached - but otherwise encrusted with terminations. The smaller termination is quite fine, and it seems to be colored by Chlorite on the surface at least.
Skeletal Quartz F-6 (Fenster) 'twin peaks' Quartz (flaring cathedral) DT Citrine (natural) Quartz dark twin cluster, unique formation
Very tight, Herkimer like energy (and clarity), leaning generator, phenomenal piece. Self healed base makes it a floater, and it fits great in the palm. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. This exquisite double terminated cathedral wand has a well formed, translucent milky point at one end (the 'fatter' side), and a fine sceptered point on the other end (but on that side, there is exposed a greenish, semi-crystallized core that looks like Spharelite). Very fascinating! Unique and stunning crossed-twin formation - terminations that resemble Sapphire & Calcite  - with a Milky Smoky Elestial 'base'...that happens to be self-healed, making the whole thing a combination floater and DT. Width & Depth are at base (not because its formation, but because of its essence). Height is top to bottom, as displayed. Length is the longest distance, when measured end to end.
Dream Quartz 'spirit mansion'
As you can see from photo 2, this perfect specimen of the type - Dream Quartz is a rare form of Quartz, unique in color and formation - has been immortalized in the Crystal Concentrics Meditation & Affirmation card deck. That, and the perfect color & elestial/DT/floater crystal structure, make it worth a solid investment.