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Double-Terminated Crystals Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly)
DT's are "double terminated" - meaning they come to a point at both ends of a crystal - whereas "floaters" are essentially clusters that are terminated all around. In both cases - perfect termination is not always required to qualify - near perfect termination, or the smallest of "connection points" to the source matrix may suffice to earn the designation.
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Herkimer Diamond in matrix 7 "trio" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 10 "opposites" Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Our Price: $100.00
Three connected Herkimer Diamonds, sitting in their dark druzy matrix - facing up when it's on a table - very nice 'family' piece/cluster. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. The photos don't do this piece justice. Though what you see in photo 1 is a great standing piece, on the bottom (or both sides, if you lay it down differently) will reveal a second pocket and a second Herkimer Diamond crystal (hence the piece's nickname). From Daye, Hubei (China) - this is truly unusual piece - it's a double terminated Calcite (how often do you see that?!). Height measurement is with it 'lying down.' The photos capture the texture and point definitions. Real collector's item, and great hand held power piece too!
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 4 "dramatic" Turquoise nugget Azurite (starburst) floater
Turquoise nugget
Our Price: $120.00
Like a jagged flame, this multi-pocketed matrix has one Herkimer Diamond towards its pinnacle, an open druzy "chamber," and some smaller crystals nestled lower to the base, as it stands. Truly special. Please Message me with serious interest & Best Offers. Finding decently sized palm piece of Turquoise is a challenge, so this was a good find, and you can see from the two pictures, that the light blue color varies a bit, depending on the light. Disclaimer: I have not tested it - I do NOT believe it is dyed Howlite (the structure seems too fine) - but not being a geologist, I cannot guarantee it as Turquoise. Extraordinary piece - it's terminated all around - a true starburst and perfect palm piece. It does have some styrofoam material stuck to the bottom, cause it was originally in a display box, glued to show it at a certain angle. I haven't tried too hard to remove that bit of display residue from the bottom, but you could.  It doesn't, ultimately, detract, from the stellar top. Energetically, and collection-wise, it's a rarity. Probably in my collection for 20 years!
Skeletal Quartz F-7 (Fenster) 'hole' eye socket Herkimer Diamond in matrix 2 "light in the mountain" Herkimer Diamond in matrix 12 "flawless"
It's hard to tell with the photos, but there are 2 deep 'eye sockets' on this piece. It has an elongated, 8-sided face, with a tight, glassy Smoky bottom. Good sized Herkimer Diamond crystal with little twin/baby attached (in back) - peers out from both sides - displays wonderfully on a stand. The black line near my thumb (in photo 2) is a drip of water, so that wouldn't appear. Nice flat piece. Not big and clunky. Less than half a pound in weight. Serious inquiries & offers, Message me. Perfect shape and very clear, this wonderful Herkimer Diamond sits atop its matrix, embedded in black druze (with an almost pyramidal, pointed angle). Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Skeletal Quartz F-9 (Fenster) 'mammoth tooth' Skeletal Quartz F-10 (Fenster) 'sink hole' Herkimer Diamond in matrix 9 "mountaintop"
Although looking down on it, it seems like a molar (per the name), it's really an interesting fortress, or contained mountain range, as well. The top, and particularly the bottom, are etched, but there's a clear segment all around its 'waist' - and the whole piece has 6 sides - almost as if it would have grown into one solid crystal, if it hadn't been a skeletal. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. It's rare that a DT can stand on its 'other end' termination(s) - this one does - and although it has the characteristic (for this piece, which gives it its name) 'sink hole,' it has a pretty well formed, extended, and clear point. Perfect palm piece, too. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Nicknamed "mountaintop" this chunk has an interesting 5-sided shape that is very stabilizing (represents hearth and home). See how nicely it sits on its stand (it's over 2 pounds!). The black druzy pocket on the top, has a magnificently bright (but not perfect) Herkimer Diamond nestled in.
Herkimer Diamond in matrix 8 "brilliant, two ways" Skeletal Quartz F-3 (Fenster) 'fiddle sticks / amazing base' Skeletal Quartz F-5 (Fenster) 'skelly heart key'
Spectacular piece - lies in a pyramidal form - with a bright, rainbowy Herkimer Diamond crystal "looking out" onto two faces of the matrix. Real collectors' item, and magical too! Message me with serious interest & Best Offers. Wonderful example of the Skeletal variety, quite choppy, with lots of air and light, but the base is very solid, glassy, and smoky. Although it displays well on its own - and fits nicely into the hand - this one has a more boxy feel than vertical. The Heart shaped section is striking, and unique. The base is all terminated, glassy, and Smoky. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Skeletal Quartz F-11 (Fenster) 'duo' Quartz (celestial) DT Quartz (Cactus-Cathedral Elestial) 'gnarly green' DT
Quartz (celestial) DT
Our Price: $160.00
These 2 fused, squat DT's make a new and amazing piece - perfectly fitting in the palm - and filled with skeletal and termination action. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. This magnificent piece has the telltale signs of being a Celestial Quartz (my name), as a result of having one whole side semi-elestial, but much glassier, and very intricately textured. The biggest face is polished. It's a large palm piece, and is double terminated! Funny little attached crystal - on one side - has clear rainbow in it. Almost has a milky, phantomic interior, with the more normally formed side/point showing as kind of clear under the surface. Great for passing over a troubled area. Astonishingly ancient looking and powerful, this double terminated madness is relatively unique - with a funny little clear tabby attached - but otherwise encrusted with terminations. The smaller termination is quite fine, and it seems to be colored by Chlorite on the surface at least.
Skeletal Quartz F-6 (Fenster) 'twin peaks' Skeletal Quartz F-8 (Fenster) 'trio family' Quartz (flaring cathedral) DT
Very tight, Herkimer like energy (and clarity), leaning generator, phenomenal piece. Self healed base makes it a floater, and it fits great in the palm. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. What a gem! Three main points on top - all naturally connected - and with more ridges on the bottom...all terminated. Extraordinary configuration! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. This exquisite double terminated cathedral wand has a well formed, translucent milky point at one end (the 'fatter' side), and a fine sceptered point on the other end (but on that side, there is exposed a greenish, semi-crystallized core that looks like Spharelite). Very fascinating!
Quartz (Celestial) pyramidal mountain range
VERY few crystals like this - essentially double terminated, but with some break points - there's even a strangely etched pyramidal point...all details hard to capture with photos...message us with interest in seeing a video (serious inquiries only)...very glassy and jagged.