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Lemurian Quartz 'subtle record keeper' generator Talc 'tower' crystal Talc 'hoof'
Talc 'tower' crystal
Our Price: $36.00
Talc 'hoof'
Our Price: $38.00
3 main faces form the almost perfect point, and the other 3 faces are set back, all symmetrical, and leaning as a small generator. Very sweet & positive piece - not a traditional Lemurian - but good striation on the sides. Also self healed on the bottom. 1 of 3, it's got Asbestos in it, so it's toxic (if ingested)...soft as all get out...and interestingly translucent. 1 of 3, it's got Asbestos in it, so it's toxic (if ingested)...soft as all get out...and interestingly translucent.
Lithium Quartz point Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle' Lemurian Quartz 'clear/frosty/trapezoid'
Lithium Quartz point
Our Price: $42.00
Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle'
Our Price: $45.00
Nice, almost reddish pink on this Lithium point - you can see it has a chalky covering - but it's smooth (not dusty). The bottom is roughy, milky Quartz. Incredibly clear, with irregular siding, and an almost perfect point. Quite perfect point (unmarred), with interesting 'trapezoid' etch/shavings off, near the point (on 3 sides). Some frostiness on the main face. No real milkiness, it's all clear!
Yellow Quartz (fine) laser Lemurian Quartz 3 'super clear 5-point' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian ultraclear'
Perfect for a pendant, though fragile, this rare Tibetan material has a partially defined point, with 2 shiny faces at the tip. It's quite skinny, but the length is meaningful. Color is of course quite unique. Great piece for working with etheric energies. Water clear top to bottom, siding striation very subtle, some point-face polishing...very stable energy...equilibrium! Almost completely perfect point Polished point and very clear, light striation siding, almost perfect point (even after polishing). Quite soft, perfect palm size.
Lemurian Diamantina laser Quartz 4 'pyramid' Lemurian Quartz 'baby' Quartz (Cathedral) point
Lemurian Quartz 'baby'
Our Price: $68.00
Quartz (Cathedral) point
Our Price: $68.00
One side (and some point facets) polished, to let you see into this amazing piece, whose broadest side is richly etched with perfectly straight lines, like a ladder. It doesn't stand, but it's very pyramidal. It also looks slightly Smoky, and is BOTH a Lemurian AND a Diamantina laser quartz (which I've NEVER seen before). Quite unique! Being a fairly perfect point would be enough on this piece, but having a flawless 'baby' growing off it makes it quite unique and special. Fine detailed formations on the side of this Cathedral Quartz, with a bit of Geysering - offshoot terminations - on the side as well. The point is kind of etched in one place, and it's "waisted" - meaning if bulges in the middle - which is a very rare formation habit.
Quartz (Aphibole/Angel, flare formation) Quartz (frosty) w/disc Hematite 'single point' Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding'
Gray Ghost or Angel Amphibole perched like a phantom in the tip of this natural wonder - exhibiting the rare Flaring formation (widening from a narrow base) - and covered with intricate Cathedraling termination. Evenly distributed perfect disc Hematite crystals - on just one side of this point - the other side is 'clean' and covered with sheen...the inside is totally glassy. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow!
Prase Quartz small (olive) w/'ladder twin' Lemurian Quartz 'rooted child' Quartz (Cathedral Geyser) encrusted point
Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). The siding is super intricate and textured, like the motherboard of some incredible computer. Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and this unique 'child' coming up out of it - with a few millimeters of penetrating root, into the bigger crystal. Subtle, sort of 'subterranean' record keepers on the two biggest faces. Lower part of the point is marred by dings, but the top has a perfect triangle, with 2 primary faces on each side. Very fine point (actually, a whole family of points, due to its Cathedral nature). Note the encrustation of what seem to be little Spharelite nodules, and the almost green tip at the bottom. Rare for many reasons, including what I call "geysering" - which is when the Crystal starts small - and then grows wider towards the tip.
Amethyst 'S-point' Quart (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'twin rails' Lemurian Quartz 'blip/Concorde'
Amethyst 'S-point'
Our Price: $82.00
Fantastic point, with subtle twin attached, and a great big undulating body (hence the nickname). Lots of milky, almost Smoky Quartz in it's body. Solid (large) palm piece, and wand. A chip in the main point shows the glassy interior, and the smaller point is tending towards termination. The disc-shaped Hematite crystals are textbook perfect, and evenly distributed. Fairly perfect, clear point, with small 'blip' crystal chunk sticking out, towards the bottom. Also, if you look at the point coming towards you, it's like the point of the Concorde jetliner.
Lemurian Quartz 'dolphin' point Lemurian Quartz large 'orange spot' Amethyst (Chevron) #5 '6-sided'
So named because of it's wide, sloping top - 'dophin' actually has 2 five-sided faces. Lemurian 'seed' Quartz is a name bandied about and applied to almost any type of crystal, but in fact - by our definition - it refers to a specific formation, which includes one or all of these characteristics: striated or textured, as well as irregular siding; unique facing (on the points); and sometimes just 3 point faces forming the point (and the other 3 faces further down). At least three of the point faces are polished. Has slightly 'tangeriney' color towards the bottom, but strongly striated 3 main sides, and nice (but not perfect) point. All point faces defined, but matt, and with 3 sporting some yellow'ish rust color. Mostly purple body with larger milky white band in the middle. I've characterized these stones as Milky (energetically important) because their white zones are indeed...slightly translucent...and very comforting energetically, in combination with the purple spirit energy of the dark Amethyst.
Smoky Quartz (Colorado) phantom Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals 'couple stone' Quartz (frosty) w/Hematite crystals ''big 'n' little''
Fairly pristine point (very minor dinging), rich color, and very tight, glassy formation, with striations on the side. Rotating it in your hand will reveal the fine detail of the extensive 'phantoming' in this piece, made all the more rare because of its origin in Colorado, USA. It's not just a Heart Chakra stone, on account of being Smoky, it's also a Source (higher vibration) stone, due to the quality and formations inside. Evenly distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on these two crystals as one combo.Totally glassy interior. Evenly (and sparseley) distributed, perfect disc Hematite crystals on this frosty twin Quartz. Totally glassy interior (you can look right in, like it's flowing water).
Quartz (frosty) waisted laser w/disc Hematite Quartz (green) Prase Quartz (terminated) 'wizard's tower' Aquamarine (blue) 'terminated point
Exquisite, fine point - early 6" long - and with "waisting" (narrowing) towards the tip (and disc Hematite on one side)...a real find! So named, because of its etch-termination castle-siding surface (also almost like an extended wizard's hat). Pretty pristine points, with some breakage along one of the side points. Quite unusual - in additional to the phenomenal (and rare) crystallization of green Quartz - we have a harmonious 'bouquet' that expands (in this case, very subtly) from the base with angular points, and a symphony of cathedral terminations all up the sides. The root of one of the side crystals is broken off. I've had this one a LONG time - it was my go to Aquamarine - till I got a much larger (and more expensive) one. For its size and color, this is a great price (just under $10/gr). It also has a very cool termination.