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Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'opposites' cluster Rose Quartz (lavender) large chunk Prehnite large flat (glittery!) cluster
Interesting cross directional 'points' all covered with glittery druzy terminations and orangey chalcedony underside. Great glassy, gemmy quality and depth of color...good size (and stands!) too. Quite unusual cluster - almost a floater, given the semi-termination on the underside - and the top is a bit 'greener' than it looks in the photo (image 2 seems to capture the hue better). It seems to be a sort of Cactus Druze overlay over Quartz and/or Calcite, but I have since learned that it's a Prehnite.
Quartz (Coral, or Anandalite) standing stalagmite Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'ice forest' cluster Selenite gray (rare) Desert Rose 'triangular'
This type of material is rare, especially so big, and naturally standing! It's not entirely snow white, with some reddish residue on it, but it's quite a showpiece. Interesting bendy digits, this piece looks like ice covered evergreens in the far north. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Perfectly formed floater (terminated all around), this unique formation is gray, or black (if you account for the sandiness), and from Peru, instead of the usual sourcing in Morocco, of the more common red variety. Another name for Selenite is Gypsum, and these are apparently about as big as they get (though museum pieces sometimes get bigger). Spectacular on a stand. The triangle is equilateral, so the Width measurement is the same on all 3 sides.
Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) glittery 'mtn. range' Azurite (starburst) floater Fluorite (pink) 'pyramidal record keepers'
Photos don't do this piece justice - it's milky white but quite transclucent - glittery. Very superior piece. Extraordinary piece - it's terminated all around - a true starburst and perfect palm piece. It does have some styrofoam material stuck to the bottom, cause it was originally in a display box, glued to show it at a certain angle. I haven't tried too hard to remove that bit of display residue from the bottom, but you could.  It doesn't, ultimately, detract, from the stellar top. Energetically, and collection-wise, it's a rarity. Probably in my collection for 20 years! Magnificent pink Fluorite specimen with darker undercurrents, and overlapping, pyramidal terminations (some of which - see photo #2 - appear to have triagonal record keepers on them)!
Fluorite (purple) cubic cluster, w/Barite 'rows' Quartz (green) Prase Quartz (terminated) 'wizard's tower' Prase Quartz (green, terminated) 'princess tower'
Stunning symmetry, with golden Barite crystals along the top and bottom, this cluster displays well, raised (and displays wonderfully frosted, perfectly formed cubic crystals throughout). Blue undertones beneath. So named, because of its etch-termination castle-siding surface (also almost like an extended wizard's hat). Pretty pristine points, with some breakage along one of the side points. Quite unusual - in additional to the phenomenal (and rare) crystallization of green Quartz - we have a harmonious 'bouquet' that expands (in this case, very subtly) from the base with angular points, and a symphony of cathedral terminations all up the sides. The root of one of the side crystals is broken off. So named, because of its etch-termination castle-siding surface. Pretty pristine points. Quite unusual - in additional to the phenomenal (and rare) crystallization of green Quartz - we have a harmonious 'bouquet' that expands (in this case, very subtly) from the base with angular points, and a symphony of cathedral terminations all up the sides. You can see the two areas of irregularity photo 1: a little nibble on the bottom 5th, and a color irregularity at the bottom of the top 5th.
Fluorite (green) light, translucent, pyramidal cluster Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) semi-cactus 'finger cake' Galena 'rounded' display cluster
One of those rare pyramidal Fluorites - color vibrancy depends on lighting - these photos show it subdued (with dark background), but it's actually kind of minty. The height & depth have to do with the distance from the base, if it's lying down, to the termination tops. But it actually can stand on its side, which would make that height more like 2.8" Pretty unusual, centered 'finger' rising from its cluster - almost like a cactus-quartz - but of the Indian 'Anandalite' variety. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Apparently "old collection" - mines producing this type of material from the Tristate District (OK, MO, KS) were active between 1850 and 1960 - plus you see the tagging on the bottom (3rd picture). Very harmonious display piece, circular, and with wonderful crystallization. In pencil, on the side, is written "sphalerite" - presumably due to some happening on the Galena - prize specimen.
Fluorite (dark Yellow) large, 'to the point' cluster Amethyst 'smiling cone head' stalagtite cluster Stibnite (dark) cluster
Stibnite (dark) cluster
Our Price: $180.00
Quite large piece of this extraordinary material - spectacularly textured - and translucent. Perfect light box specimen, nice crystallization (on 2/3 of its top surface), great color! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. This amazing specimen of Coral Quartrz is clearly Amethyst, but very light, and terminated all around. The first photo is the closest to being faithful, color-wise. But in fluorescent light, the 2nd photo shows how it can look more washed out. You can see the cross section of the base, how it grew from a core. And then there's that slice - which I call "the smile" - which they stopped, realizing they could cut it further down, and make the whole piece taller. Amazingly, it works great to hold business cards! Very fine, flat points bristling over the top, with some crystallization underneath as well, great specimen! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Don't let this one get away, it's really special!
Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'fingers crossed' cluster Amethyst 'reverse heart' cluster Fluorite (dark yellow) large, 'footprint' shaped
Can only be good luck, this very unusual configuration of stalagmatitic points makes for a very interesting display piece. What a nice shape this cluster's taken, and it stands! Could be from Uruguay, but we've classified it as Brazil. The shape is what really matters, in the grand scheme of things. Last photo shows the massive base material - some people set these clusters in cement - it's unclear as to whether that's happened here (or whether the setting is 100% natural). The color is also very good (and that is of course natural). This piece has a lot of charm - one side is more raised, so you can see the 'cross section' of the crystalline structure - and the rest tapers down to its edges, with good geometric terminations everywhere. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Citrine Quartz (rough, natural, dark) twin cluster, unique formation Amethyst "O" section cluster Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'stalagmite city' cluster
Unique and stunning crossed-twin formation - terminations that resemble Sapphire & Calcite  - with a Milky Smoky Elestial 'base'...that happens to be self-healed, making the whole thing a combination floater and DT. Width & Depth are at base (not because its formation, but because of its essence). Height is top to bottom, as displayed. Length is the longest distance, when measured end to end. Wonderful - relatively unusual donut section cluster on stand - very impressive display piece. Will likely need to charge extra for postage...it's heavy! Pretty large for this type of find. Perfect, rounded, bigger 'points' (at least a half dozen of them). Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Selenite (orange) fine needle cluster 2 Amethyst huge 'Starburst floater' (2-sided)
Extremely unique (and intact, because it's brittle!) cluster of fine needle point orange selenite, which appears to have grown over an earlier cluster. One-of-Kind outrageous piece on custom cut lazy Susan rotating stand. Back side is lighter, with variety of milky crystalline forms, and the front is rich dark purple, with some double termination. It's like 25 pounds anyway - we can get more specific if you're really interested - but we may be able to include additional shipping costs above and beyond our nominal minimum postage & handling fee.