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Azurite (sm light) Azurite (small, rounded) floater Azurite (small, elongated) floater
Azurite (sm light)
Our Price: $46.00
Quite a charming piece - not the most amount of blue color exposed (due to lightish matrix coating) - but it's got some nice glitter when moved (or the light catches it right), and it stands! Standing height is modest, it's the width measurement, but it's a great specimen for someone who's looking for a solid Azurite minus the high pricing. Lovely piece - essentially a little sphere - but it 'stands' (the 2nd image, would be the base, from which height is determined). Lovely piece - it's terminated all around - great color! Interesting shape, as well.
Lapis 'rounded rectangle' Sterling pendant Sodalite obelisk 'squat' Spinel (blue) etched hoppered tabular cluster
Sodalite obelisk 'squat'
Our Price: $90.00
Incredibly sweet piece - of the 'denim' variety of Lapis - finely wrapped in Sterling. Perfect for yourself, or as a gift! Six sided, and cut like a Lemurian point (with only 3 faces making the point), this is the most deluxe Sugilite I've ever seen...not too much white...a lot of dark blue...and a tighness of energy that makes it akin to Lapis. The light blue spot at the top is actually the reflection of a light, not intrinsic to the stone. This rustic formation (in blue!) of the rare Spinel crystal, hails from the Luc Yen District, Yen Bai Province (of Vietnam). There are hoppered (layered) cubic formations, and flat siding, where it formed, wedged between other stones. Special, unique piece.
Blue Quartz sphere 2 'blue squiggles' Azurite pendant Azurite (starburst) floater
Azurite pendant
Our Price: $110.00
1 of 2 - I've been looking for these - blue Quartz (or theoretically blue Aventurine) is a relative rarity. This one is named after the distinctive markings, viewable on its "top." Good color spread throughout, as you can see from the different views, which also reveal a "sectoring" - or delineation - which goes all the way around the middle. Astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals (terminated in back, too) captured in Sterling settings, some with Aquamarine accompaniment. Price is per piece, and may be a bit higher or lower, depending on which is still available when you inquire. This listing is for the bottom piece, without the Aquamarine. Inquire to see which additional pieces we may have available. 2nd photo's a bit dark, but shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater! Extraordinary piece - it's terminated all around - a true starburst and perfect palm piece. It does have some styrofoam material stuck to the bottom, cause it was originally in a display box, glued to show it at a certain angle. I haven't tried too hard to remove that bit of display residue from the bottom, but you could.  It doesn't, ultimately, detract, from the stellar top. Energetically, and collection-wise, it's a rarity. Probably in my collection for 20 years!
Azurite pendant with Aquamarine Lapis fine cut 'arrow' pendant Azurite (lrg elongated)
Azurite (lrg elongated)
Our Price: $170.00
Astoundingly beautiful natural Azurite crystals (terminated in back, too) captured in Sterling settings, some we have (like this one) are with Aquamarine accompaniment. 2nd photo shows you the back is also Crystallized, it's a floater! Bold & outstanding, this gold-filled wrap bale pendant is a strong statement for Lapis lovers. Stunning specimen - great color - good size. Displays horizontally, with a 'peak' in the middle, and if you let that 'beam up' - then it cups well in the hand - for geological display or meditation. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.