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?? Beautiful palm piece - nice orbicular patterning - large for a Blue Lace. ?? Beautiful palm piece - nice orbicular patterning - large for a Blue Lace. And it kind of bowes. Might make for a good (large) pendant. Base (that is stands on) is polished - as it its "back" - with the rest rough (lots of white, defining it as the "Denim" varieity). Good sized palm chunk too, fits wonderfully into the palm.
Chrysocolla chunk
Our Price: $80.00
Rare form of Quartz, unusual to find carved into a Skull form. Great display piece - no stand needed - with two tone (blue and baby blue) base - and reddish part at one end. This specimen has a great spread of color and texture, it's a real perfect representative of the variety. This was mined by the guy I bought it from. Good sized chunk - US material - great display item!
Calcite (blue) heart
Our Price: $85.00
Semi-Glittery, looks like Celestite - carries that energy as well - "Heavenly Gifts!" Interesting bendy digits, this piece looks like ice covered evergreens in the far north. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. 1 of 2 - I've been looking for these - blue Quartz (or theoretically blue Aventurine) is a relative rarity. This one is named after the distinctive markings, viewable on its "top." Good color spread throughout, as you can see from the different views, which also reveal a "sectoring" - or delineation - which goes all the way around the middle.
Turquoise nugget
Our Price: $120.00
Finding decently sized palm piece of Turquoise is a challenge, so this was a good find, and you can see from the two pictures, that the light blue color varies a bit, depending on the light. Disclaimer: I have not tested it - I do NOT believe it is dyed Howlite (the structure seems too fine) - but not being a geologist, I cannot guarantee it as Turquoise. This piece actually has some partial termination - which makes it seem (in that way) like a Topaz - so we categorize it as both (though the color certainly seems more Aquamarine). The price is right, at just under $4/gram! I've had this one a LONG time - it was my go to Aquamarine - till I got a much larger (and more expensive) one. For its size and color, this is a great price (just under $10/gr). It also has a very cool termination.
Price is PER PIECE - which may be higher or lower - depending on what's still available. Message us to advance the transaction. Each one is awesome in color, look, and feel. Message us as to which is available, to confirm which you'll be getting, prior to purchase. Dimensions & Weight are minimum (ie. for the smallest one). Currently, the two in the middle are still available.