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Blue Lace Agate flat palm piece 1 Blue Lace Agate flat palm piece 2 Aquamarine/Topaz (blue) 'tablet' (34 gr)
?? Beautiful palm piece - nice orbicular patterning - large for a Blue Lace. ?? Beautiful palm piece - nice orbicular patterning - large for a Blue Lace. And it kind of bowes. Might make for a good (large) pendant. This piece actually has some partial termination - which makes it seem (in that way) like a Topaz - so we categorize it as both (though the color certainly seems more Aquamarine). The price is right, at just under $2/gram (half price)!
Celestite open egg "geode" w large center Crystal Aquamarine w Sterling pendants Aquamarine (blue) 'terminated point
The ultimate LARGE size palm stone, this Celestite (the Gratitude & Mercy stone) has a large Crystal running down its center, which is quite unusual. We always have some distinctive Celestites - and most of our stock is OFFline - so Message us and we'll post more to give you options. Triangular piece of Aquamarine, expertly wrapped in Sterling. Most of our inventory is offline, so if you'd like to see more, we welcome custom orders (and are ready to post more material if possible). I've had this one a LONG time - it was my go to Aquamarine - till I got a much larger (and more expensive) one. For its size and color, this is a great price (just under $10/gr). It also has a very cool termination.
Aquamarine w Sterling pendants Angelite (aka Anhydrite) 'Angel Wing' crystal Turquoise 'birdie' pendant (Sterling wrap)
Price is PER PIECE - which may be higher or lower - depending on what's still available. Message us to advance the transaction. Each one is awesome in color, look, and feel. Message us as to which is available, to confirm which you'll be getting, prior to purchase. Dimensions & Weight are minimum (ie. for the smallest one). Currently, the two in the middle are still available. Incredible piece I waited years to set - such a distinctive shape - now done justice with this expertly wrapped (Sterling wire) pendant. We do custom wrapping - contact us if interested - and do consider this extraordinary collectors item! Note: dimensions & weight are WITH setting.
blue-green Aventurine frilled-lizard carving Turquoise 'deluxe dragon' carving Topaz 'perfect point' (204gr)
Quite extraordinarily detailed carving of frilled-neck lizard ~ 'better' than the real thing, from images I've seen ~ and in an unusually blue'ish Aventurine. Quite masterful! Carving work done in China, stone likely from Brazil. It's hard to believe what incredible color this piece has - but I bought it from a very reputable supplier - whose expert Indonesian carvers swore of its authenticity. The imperfections seem to support that. But we are not gemologists and cannot test/verify that for you. Therefore we make no guarantees, and you agree to purchase the piece as is, whatever its makeup. Exceptional - textbook Topaz termination - stands straight up (with clean, natural sheer on the bottom). Look at all those facets!
Aquamarine (blue) terminated 'pyramid' generator
Large, well terminated Blue Aquamarine leaning generator. Stands naturally, and is bluer than the (digital) photos give it credit for. It also has a distinctive 'pyramid' sticking out of its side. If you ever wanted an Aquamarine, this could definitely be it! Serious Best Offer inquiries entertained.