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Jasper chunk Petrified Wood (lrg) 'coffee spot' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'tree stump'
Jasper chunk
Our Price: $26.00
This is a per piece price - and there are (currently) 4 pieces - I may be able to do less for multiples. One of them kind of stands, and comes to a point, that would be the 'best' one, but they are all from the same source, as you can see. Very rich, brick'ish color, and with a little glitter throughout, which is hard to identify on the photo. The dimensions are maximums, and as you can see, they're all pretty much the same size. Creative shape over the top, a bit richer in hue than the photo shows, but cool little etching around the rims...awesome piece all around. The photo doesn't do that top polished side justice - notice the two little whitish spots - as well as black and red hues...see the red pine siding as well...incredible texturing.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'cream pie' Lingam "dark whorl" Garnet crystal (distinctive form)
Lingam "dark whorl"
Our Price: $48.00
The photo does good justice to the great coloring on this piece, as well as the distinctive shape of its top surface (and the texture of its siding). Displays nicely upside down too. Very interesting - quite dark - but lighter on the other side, and with very fine whorls on the darker side. Both top and broken off bottom have distinctive natural faceting that make this a great collector's item. I can't find its more specific name after various Google searches. It's not like the spherical type that's more common.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red lake' Jasper statuette 'Venus of Villendorf' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red scatter'
Although it fits in your palm - it's more of a standing display piece - with phenomenal color over the polished top. The bottom is rough, almost like a giant molar. Exquisite, palm sized reproduction of the famous prehistoric "Venus of Villendorf" statuette. Presumably Brazilian stone, carved in China. Slight variation between pieces of detail & pattern, but they all stand. Spectacular color burst (and the bottom's not bad either) - larger than a palm piece - stands very nicely too.
Crystal Skull (Spinel in matrix) Jasper (red) statuette 'Venus of Villendorf' Apophyllite 'pyramid' (rare DT cluster w red Apophyllite)
Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, each of which capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' Also, the red is a bit more pink and muted than in the photos. Exquisite, palm sized reproduction of the famous prehistoric "Venus of Villendorf" statuette. Presumably Brazilian stone, carved in China. Slight variation between pieces of detail & pattern, but they all stand. Wonderfully clear and glittery triangular cluster of Apophyllite quite unusually backed by an opposite side of terminated red Apophyllite! Displays well on a stand, as you can see from photo #3.
Petrified Wood, large red Ruby rough 'star' polished point crystal pendant Red Quartz hematoid twin
Petrified Wood, large red
Our Price: $130.00
Red Quartz hematoid twin
Our Price: $210.00
Lies 'flat' with the glassy exposed area on top, more 'rocky' & 'matrixy' base ont he 'back' and bottom. Can also stand in a leaning fashion - with that rocky side more exposed - and the 'gemmy' side facing more down. Extraordinary, gold-fill wrapping of a polished Ruby crystal. Good size, density, awesome piece! Contact us if you'd like one of your own pieces custom wrapped! Red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but it's very rich, and quite evocative...the twin pair...couple stone! It came to me through a Chinese supplier, and I really haven't seen any of these as big as I have them here.
Red Quartz med/wide 'Diamantina' Stone Statue on knees, hands on belly Red Quartz triple point 'Trinity'
Nicknamed "Gentle Laser" - this piece has a feminine feel - and delivers it's energies more softly. Message me with serious inquiries. Said to be from Indonesia - and of unknown age or tribal origin - this interesting piece has what appears to be a cicada on its (his/her) head - and is holding his/her belly (possibly pregnant), which is a universally grounding and balancing position. Material looks to be red granite. Main point not pristine, red coloring stops about 2/3's up, but what a specimen - and to have 3 points blended like this - amazing! Message me with serious inquiries - Best Offers entertained - and remember, we have lots more OFFline than online (so we can do custom searches and post additional material for you). It's a Relationship Stone too - part of the Heart Energy zone - and represents the Trinity, or 3 entities combined.
Garnet (raspberry) Ruby 'bulls eye' sphere pendant Red Quartz 'Diamantina' laser (layered point)
Garnet (raspberry)
Our Price: $240.00
"Old Collection" material - from a find that was quickly exhausted - many years ago. Hadn't seen anything like it, nor any since, and one thing I like about it is its resemblance to good quality Ruby. Red to pink color, these display pieces are quite nice. Exquisitely elegant, expert gold filled wrapping on this wonderfully colored Ruby pendant. The Depth includes the bezel (casing) but not the bale, it's roughly the diameter of the stone itself. We often have more off line than online, so reach out, we'll see what we can do in terms of putting together a custom order and posting more items for you to enjoy. Mysticly formed point (it's like the outer layers were eroded), almost sub-tissue on a tooth. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Red Quartz med flare point w/semi-penetration Red Quartz 'Diamantina saw bottom' laser "OM" bookends out of rich Soap Stone
Fairly perfect point (one little chip off one face) - features rare flaring quality - bigger in the middle than at the base. Gorgeous point, slight marring of one face on the point, but otherwise perfect. 'Saw bottom' refers to the geometric pattern at the base. Richly colored, like a luxurious Granite, these soft and exquisitely carved "OM" bookends are over 2.5 pounds each(!), and are being sold as a pair.
Red Quartz 'Diamantina' w/clearish laser
Indentation/gashes ("family ghosts") from where other points were connected, along bottom third/half. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.