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Rose Quartz pendant (lrg) Rose Quartz (lavender) large chunk Rose Quartz power massage wand
Rose Quartz pendant (lrg)
Our Price: $80.00
Set in solid Sterling Silver, this gently colored, but gemmy piece is a classic statement, with simple but perfect bezel & bail. Great glassy, gemmy quality and depth of color...good size (and stands!) too. Lightening towards the 'point' - this very gemmy, gentle pink Rose Quartz is both a great wand & a great massage tool.
Rhodonite: dark pink, polished palm piece Opal (Peruvian pink) large display piece Opal (pink) pendant
Opal (pink) pendant
Our Price: $90.00
Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape...kind of comes to a "point," and is very deep and rich in color...also unique at this size. The photos capture this piece well, for the diminished lighting, but in proper bright light, it's pinker. Also looks like a ghost in photo 1, which is why it's categorized as an entity stone. Gorgeous Pink Opal pendant - nice Sterling setting - great, uniform color!
Rose Quartz Skull Rose Quartz (smaller) double pyramid octahedron Fluorite (pink) 'pyramidal record keepers'
Rose Quartz Skull
Our Price: $100.00
Good sized, very gemmy, with amorphous asteration (a 3-lined star trying to form) on the back of the head)! Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Magnificent pink Fluorite specimen with darker undercurrents, and overlapping, pyramidal terminations (some of which - see photo #2 - appear to have triagonal record keepers on them)!
Rhodonite: light pink, polished palm piece Calcite (Mangano) crystallized cluster Rhodochrosite standing 'mitt'
Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape. Very solid, light pink color. Never seen such a big piece. This large, glassy, and pink specimen is truly impressive! It displays well "flat" and on a stand.
I call this the 'mitt' cause it looks like a catcher's glove - but it's a gorgeously patterned Rhodochrosite that actually stands - and is a perfect palm sized piece. Price is under $3 a gram, which is basically wholesale!
Kunzite (Spodumene) all-terminated gem (10.6 grams) Lithium Quartz cathedral Rose Quartz, larger double pyramid octahedron
Lithium Quartz cathedral
Our Price: $130.00
This exquisite piece is small, but wonderfully colored, and even more wonderfully terminated...all the way around...with what I call a "celestial" (amorphous) formation. The closeup of one end makes it look like an Elestial.  The price puts it at $12.26 per gram. Wow! Look at that classic Lithium Quartz color - and the back - that cathedraling is stunning - also note the side'ish view, with the stacked termination, and see the phantoming in the first photo's lower left. Large 'double pyramid' octahedron (one up, one down) - gemmy Rose Quartz - wonderful!
Quartz (Amphibole/Angel) w/pink twin phantoms Rhodochrosite small Zuni bear (36.6 gr) Kunzite (pink Spodumene) pendant
Very soft, warm energy, with completely unique double Angel, or Amphibole 'entities' (you could almost call them phantoms) inside. This Peruvian Rhodochrosite - with its trademark soft pink color (but beautiful patterning) - has been carved perfectly into the traditional Zuni bear shape, with sensitivity to the natural patterning of the source stone. Note the vein running from front to back. Cost is under $4.50 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Fantastic, fine specimen, captured in a fine but simple Sterling wrap. Seems to be double terminated (albeit roughly) and a 3-sided Crystal. Weight and Dimensions include setting.
Rhodochrosite horse on Basalt (46 gr) Rhodochrosite fish (54 gr) Rhodonite Alien Skull
Rhodochrosite fish (54 gr)
Our Price: $260.00
Rhodonite Alien Skull
Our Price: $260.00
Gorgeous Rhodochrosite horse atop Basalt base. Weight & measurements includes the base, horse itself is about 1.7" tall. Great combo of pattern and a gem/gel vein runni. Cost is under $4 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Wonderful complement of carving and natural patterning, this gorgeous fish stands and turns in a lifelike way. Cost is just over $7 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers. Extraordinary amount of personality, and great color too! Nearly 3/4 of a pound. Outstanding!
Rhodochrosite bowl, w Onyx accents (61 gr) Rhodochrosite shallow bowl (76 gr)
OMG - exquisite piece of Rhodochrosite - with Onyx accents, true collector's piece, whether for aesthetic or metaphysical purposes. Signed "S. Paul." We specialize in Rhodochrosite. Selling for just over $7 a gram. Serious inquiries & offers considered. Textbook perfect high grade, gemmy Rhodochrosite shallow bowl. Ideal collector's item, whether for aesthetic or metaphysical purposes. Cost is just over $7 a gram. We specialize in Rhodochrosite, and entertain all serious inquiries & offers.