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Stone "money" - orange/brown disc w/hole Yellow Quartz (fine) laser Petrified Wood (med) 'yellow lake'
Not sure what these may have originally been used for - but they're great sphere holders, coasters - even pendants (if you want one that big)! Inner hole is 1" wide. Perfect for a pendant, though fragile, this rare Tibetan material has a partially defined point, with 2 shiny faces at the tip. It's quite skinny, but the length is meaningful. Color is of course quite unique. Great piece for working with etheric energies. Quite a statement atop this majestic standing piece. It's base has a whitish spot and an etched out area. Distinctive.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red lake' Growth Interference Quartz 3 Yellow Fluorite 'Amber nuggets'
Although it fits in your palm - it's more of a standing display piece - with phenomenal color over the polished top. The bottom is rough, almost like a giant molar. One of the most amazing and harmonious samples of this rare form of Quartz. The price is per piece - and which you get depends on which is still available - the measurements are for the smallest one (upper right). The others are bigger.
Selenite, yellow Naica log Yellow Fluorite (dark) geometric terminations, 'to the point' cluster Amber & Amethyst Sterling pendant 'dancer'
Selenite, yellow Naica log
Our Price: $150.00
Yellow Selenite - not just tinged, but really yellow (even in parts) - is not a common find, especially if it's a Naica (the distinctive "angle-sawed" termination defines it). Quite large piece of this extraordinary material - spectacularly textured - and translucent. Perfect light box specimen, nice crystallization (on 2/3 of its top surface), great color! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Fabulous combination of metal work with beautiful stones (Chiapas Amber and exquisite Amethyst). We have much more product in our shop than uploaded, please Message us with your interests, so we can find a selection for you to review via email. We do entertain serious Best Offers, and offer discounts where possible.
Yellow Fluorite (dark) geometric terminations, 'footprint' shaped Citrine (natural) Quartz dark twin cluster, unique formation 'Crystal Skull' (resin) large, yellow
This piece has a lot of charm - one side is more raised, so you can see the 'cross section' of the crystalline structure - and the rest tapers down to its edges, with good geometric terminations everywhere. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Unique and stunning crossed-twin formation - terminations that resemble Sapphire & Calcite  - with a Milky Smoky Elestial 'base'...that happens to be self-healed, making the whole thing a combination floater and DT. Width & Depth are at base (not because its formation, but because of its essence). Height is top to bottom, as displayed. Length is the longest distance, when measured end to end. Dead-ringer for Amber, but made of resin instead, this large Skull is phenomenal. Note the roughed out indentations. It's a wow!
Amber pendant (large, yellow-green) Septarian open egg, superior quality Heliodor (green/yellow) floater
This substantial piece has 2 bugs (one towards the top and one towards the bottom). It's called "green amber" because the yellow is greenish. I can send you more pix if you Message me. Exquisite, finely (and pristinely) terminated yellow Calcite within this good sized Utah Septarian. We have much more product offline than uploaded, please Message us with your interest, so we an custom list your favorite items. Stunning specimen of Helidor - it's terminated all around (I wasn't sure, but look at photo #5) - and I'd thought it was yellower from the For Sale posting I bought it from (but it's really in between yellow and green). Anyhow, this would make an incredible pendant and 3rd eye piece, very high energetically (in spite of its size). I'm pricing it here at $70 per gram.