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Chrysocolla (Chilean) display piece Chrysocolla chunk, w/Wulfenite Calcite (blue) heart
Calcite (blue) heart
Our Price: $85.00
This super colorful piece has a brick-colored base material, and makes for a powerful display item. This was mined by the guy I bought it from. Good sized chunk - US material - great display item! Semi-Glittery, looks like Celestite - carries that energy as well - "Heavenly Gifts!"
Sodalite obelisk 'squat' Spinel (blue) etched hoppered tabular cluster Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'ice forest' cluster
Sodalite obelisk 'squat'
Our Price: $90.00
Six sided, and cut like a Lemurian point (with only 3 faces making the point), this is the most deluxe Sugilite I've ever seen...not too much white...a lot of dark blue...and a tighness of energy that makes it akin to Lapis. The light blue spot at the top is actually the reflection of a light, not intrinsic to the stone. This rustic formation (in blue!) of the rare Spinel crystal, hails from the Luc Yen District, Yen Bai Province (of Vietnam). There are hoppered (layered) cubic formations, and flat siding, where it formed, wedged between other stones. Special, unique piece. Interesting bendy digits, this piece looks like ice covered evergreens in the far north. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Blue Quartz sphere 2 'blue squiggles' Turquoise nugget Azurite (starburst) floater
Turquoise nugget
Our Price: $120.00
1 of 2 - I've been looking for these - blue Quartz (or theoretically blue Aventurine) is a relative rarity. This one is named after the distinctive markings, viewable on its "top." Good color spread throughout, as you can see from the different views, which also reveal a "sectoring" - or delineation - which goes all the way around the middle. Finding decently sized palm piece of Turquoise is a challenge, so this was a good find, and you can see from the two pictures, that the light blue color varies a bit, depending on the light. Disclaimer: I have not tested it - I do NOT believe it is dyed Howlite (the structure seems too fine) - but not being a geologist, I cannot guarantee it as Turquoise. Extraordinary piece - it's terminated all around - a true starburst and perfect palm piece. It does have some styrofoam material stuck to the bottom, cause it was originally in a display box, glued to show it at a certain angle. I haven't tried too hard to remove that bit of display residue from the bottom, but you could.  It doesn't, ultimately, detract, from the stellar top. Energetically, and collection-wise, it's a rarity. Probably in my collection for 20 years!
Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'fingers crossed' cluster Turquoise 'birdie' pendant (Sterling wrap) Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'stalagmite city' cluster
Can only be good luck, this very unusual configuration of stalagmatitic points makes for a very interesting display piece. Incredible piece I waited years to set - such a distinctive shape - now done justice with this expertly wrapped (Sterling wire) pendant. We do custom wrapping - contact us if interested - and do consider this extraordinary collectors item! Note: dimensions & weight are WITH setting. Pretty large for this type of find. Perfect, rounded, bigger 'points' (at least a half dozen of them). Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.