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Quartz (clear) w/black phantom 'ghosts' Snowflake Obsidian 'blizzard' Snowflake Obsidian 'black & white'
These exquisite, perfect DT's (double terminated crystals) hail from Tibet, and have the most unusual little black "ghost" residing in their middle. They're roughly an inch long, each, and proportionally wide & deep. Someone bought 6 for a layout, so we only have a few of these left, cannot promise which you'll get (but they're all good). Price is per unit, not a batch price. More snowflake than Obsidian, though of course the variety features both colors, this is a very sweet heart. Very uniform in its color spread, this is a very ideal example of the Snowflake Obsidian variety...and it's in the shape of a heart!
Shungite pyramid (med), tall base Shungite pyramid (med) solid black Shungite pyramid (lrge)
Shungite pyramid (lrge)
Our Price: $50.00
This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, but also some surface personality, and a semi-oval mark on the bottom, possibly from a previous price tag (in the past). It also has a kind of elevated base. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, hardly any surface markings, and is solid black. Slightly sharper upward angle than the other medium piece. This largest Shungite pyramid we have, has a lot of interesting surface.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'tall dark' Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) large palm piece Crystal Skull (Spinel in matrix)
Like modern art, this top has almost a yin and yang thing going on, with black and white and beige all over. Excellent detail on all the siding. and mitten shaped base. Mystical material - akin to Malachite in its combination of black and green - it's a substantial piece too, making for a great collector/display piece. Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, each of which capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' Also, the red is a bit more pink and muted than in the photos.
Pyrite concretion 'mouth' Irradiated Smoky Quartz cluster 'Three Ways' Rhodonite Alien Skull
Pyrite concretion 'mouth'
Our Price: $120.00
Rhodonite Alien Skull
Our Price: $260.00
Mysterious concretion, encrusted with a concentric buildup of Pyrite. Has more shine than the photos reveal. Is named after the open "mouth" on one of its ends. It also has an "eye" set back, around the central perimeter. The longer I have this piece, the more appreciate it, because I've seen NOTHING like it since. The erratic but somehow intentional way it sends out its 3 main Crystals in totally different directions (left, right, and up) is outstanding. As a protection stone, it's pretty effective, because of its multi-directionality. Extraordinary amount of personality this superbly cared Rhodonite skull has great color as well! It's nearly 3/4 of a pound. Outstanding! I don't know where the carving work was done, but it's wonderful.
Obsidian Raven Skull (and pendant) Rhodochrosite bowl, w Onyx accents (61 gr) Jet (rough) standing display piece
Extraordinary amount of personality, and great color too! Run a chain strategically through it, and you have a hell of a pendant! OMG - exquisite piece of Rhodochrosite - with Onyx accents, true collector's piece, whether for aesthetic or metaphysical purposes. Signed "S. Paul." We specialize in Rhodochrosite. Selling for just over $7 a gram. Serious inquiries & offers considered. It's very hard to find genuine Jet - forms of coal are being passed off as it - and especially large pieces are a real find. It's also a favorite of mine - this non-quarz-filled variety of Petrified Wood - because it's light density makes it an idea Healing, cleansing stone (to clear out inner gunk).