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It's easy to find everything we've got in your favorite color. Blue has sub-categories of light, dark, and gray (we have gray on its own, too). Blue Green is important enought to stand on its own. But all Greens are all grouped together. Lavender has been broken off from Purple. White and Beige are subtle (but important) variations on a theme. Where a stone has different colors, it's put into the Multi-Colored department, showing up as well (where appropriate) in the individual, key colors that comprise it. If you have any questions, be sure to email us at CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com.
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Jasper statuette 'Venus of Villendorf' Jasper (Kambaba/"crocodile" variety) large palm piece Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding'
Exquisite, palm sized reproduction of the famous prehistoric "Venus of Villendorf" statuette. Presumably Brazilian stone, carved in China. Slight variation between pieces of detail & pattern, but they all stand. Mystical material - akin to Malachite in its combination of black and green - it's a substantial piece too, making for a great collector/display piece. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow!
Labradorite sphere 2 Prase Quartz small (olive) w/'ladder twin' Aventurine ("polished base"), green Quartz
Labradorite sphere 2
Our Price: $80.00
This good sized sphere has a 'twin' (in case you'd like a pair), double check that one or the other hasn't sold. Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). The siding is super intricate and textured, like the motherboard of some incredible computer. The polished side is visible while it's standing - and the base is polished as well - the other 4 sides are rough & natural, but not broken at all (and one of them is coated with the lighter material you can see in photo 3.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red scatter' Crystal Skull (Spinel in matrix) Petrified Wood (layered & Smoky Quartz encrusted)
Spectacular color burst (and the bottom's not bad either) - larger than a palm piece - stands very nicely too. Powerful piece - good weight to it - feels bigger than in pix, which each capture only one angle...it's more awesome 'in person.' smaller (ie. narrower, cause length is comparable), and lighter of the two held items
Rhodonite: dark pink, polished palm piece Calcite Milky Elestial DT Lemurian Quartz 'dolphin' point
Calcite Milky Elestial DT
Our Price: $100.00
Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape...kind of comes to a "point," and is very deep and rich in color...also unique at this size. It stands, and if you scroll through to the 4th photo, you'll get a better sense - in daylight - of its true color. From Daye, Hubei (China) - this is truly unusual piece - it's a double terminated Calcite (how often do you see that?!). Height measurement is with it 'lying down.' The photos capture the texture and point definitions. Real collector's item, and great hand held power piece too! So named because of it's wide, sloping top - 'dophin' actually has 2 five-sided faces. Lemurian 'seed' Quartz is a name bandied about and applied to almost any type of crystal, but in fact - by our definition - it refers to a specific formation, which includes one or all of these characteristics: striated or textured, as well as irregular siding; unique facing (on the points); and sometimes just 3 point faces forming the point (and the other 3 faces further down). At least three of the point faces are polished.
Lemurian Quartz 'rooted child' Skeletal Quartz F-14 (Fenster) 'smooth molar' Skeletal Quartz F-18 (Fenster) 'smoky molar'
Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and this unique 'child' coming up out of it - with a few millimeters of penetrating root, into the bigger crystal. Subtle, sort of 'subterranean' record keepers on the two biggest faces. Lower part of the point is marred by dings, but the top has a perfect triangle, with 2 primary faces on each side. Serious Best Offer inquiries entertained, and let us know if we can find you custom items (as most our product is offline), and we can post them. While this piece has a great point with plenty of personality - it's named after its bottom - which is very jagged, tight, and glassy...really looks like a tooth...and the 'chip' on the top is due to the crystal's formation. Very nice palm piece. Very clear, but definitely Smoky too, the point is pretty flawless (but for a tiny ding). The base has nice jaggedy glassy 'ranges,' and it stand up slanted.
Lemurian Quartz large 'orange spot' Rose Quartz double pyramid octahedron Skeletal Quartz F-7 (Fenster) 'hole' eye socket
Has slightly 'tangeriney' color towards the bottom, but strongly striated 3 main sides, and nice (but not perfect) point. Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Length is along each side, Depth is top to bottom point. I'm not seeing ANY of these being cut anymore, it's a bit of a collectors item. It's hard to tell with the photos, but there are 2 deep 'eye sockets' on this piece. It has an elongated, 8-sided face, with a tight, glassy Smoky bottom.
Skeletal Quartz F-17 (Fenster) 'open mouth 6' Pink Fluorite 'pyramidal record keepers' Statuette 'Venus of Villendorf' (Jasper 1)
That area lower right is actually a gaping 'mouth' - but what makes this piece so special too - is it's pre-eminent 6-sidedness. A textbook skeletal, it's small, and also has the glassy, etched facing on the bottom. Magnificent pink Fluorite specimen with darker undercurrents, and overlapping, pyramidal terminations (some of which - see photo #2 - appear to have triagonal record keepers on them)! Exquisite, palm sized reproduction of the famous prehistoric "Venus of Villendorf" statuette. Presumably Brazilian stone, carved in China. Slight variation between pieces of detail & pattern, but they all stand.
Rhodonite: light pink, polished palm piece Pyrite concretion 'mouth' Pendant - Labradorite & Amethyst (3 Emeralds)
Pyrite concretion 'mouth'
Our Price: $120.00
Large palm piece, tumble polished into an oval shape. Very solid, light pink color. Never seen such a big piece. Mysterious concretion, encrusted with a concentric buildup of Pyrite. Has more shine than the photos reveal. Is named after the open "mouth" on one of its ends. It also has an "eye" set back, around the central perimeter. Impressive collection of stones on a backplate, all quality Sterling setting. We have named the Emerald as such, because of its look, but we cannot vouch for certain that's what it is. The others are obvious. What you see in the photo - combined with your own judgment, taste, and our best estimate - is the most we can promise. The seller did now know for sure either, and the item # (what's written on the back of the tag) is I-29.
Smoky Quartz (Colorado) phantom Prase Quartz (terminated) cathedral 'wizard's tower' Skeletal Quartz F-9 (Fenster) 'mammoth tooth'
Fairly pristine point (very minor dinging), rich color, and very tight, glassy formation, with striations on the side. Rotating it in your hand will reveal the fine detail of the extensive 'phantoming' in this piece, made all the more rare because of its origin in Colorado, USA. It's not just a Heart Chakra stone, on account of being Smoky, it's also a Source (higher vibration) stone, due to the quality and formations inside. So named, because of its etch-termination castle-siding surface (also almost like an extended wizard's hat). Pretty pristine points, with some breakage along one of the side points. Quite unusual - in additional to the phenomenal (and rare) crystallization of green Quartz - we have a harmonious 'bouquet' that expands (in this case, very subtly) from the base with angular points, and a symphony of cathedral terminations all up the sides. The root of one of the side crystals is broken off. Although looking down on it, it seems like a molar (per the name), it's really an interesting fortress, or contained mountain range, as well. The top, and particularly the bottom, are etched, but there's a clear segment all around its 'waist' - and the whole piece has 6 sides - almost as if it would have grown into one solid crystal, if it hadn't been a skeletal. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Skeletal Quartz F-10 (Fenster) 'sink hole' Petrified Wood, large red Opal (Peruvian pink) large display piece
Petrified Wood, large red
Our Price: $130.00
It's rare that a DT can stand on its 'other end' termination(s) - this one does - and although it has the characteristic (for this piece, which gives it its name) 'sink hole,' it has a pretty well formed, extended, and clear point. Perfect palm piece, too. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Lies 'flat' with the glassy exposed area on top, more 'rocky' & 'matrixy' base ont he 'back' and bottom. Can also stand in a leaning fashion - with that rocky side more exposed - and the 'gemmy' side facing more down. The photos capture this piece well, for the diminished lighting, but in proper bright light, it's pinker. Also looks like a ghost in photo 1, which is why it's categorized as an entity stone.