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Dimensions are for the largest, though they are all essentially the same size, and the price quoted is for any one of them (whichever is left at the time of purchase). Discounts may be possible for multiples. And we have other Apache tears not pictured. So just Message us to get the skinny on the latest & greatest available. Not exactly blue - but interpretable as such - the base of this piece is an enigmatic color, and the top looks like a brownish green lake. Stands slightly leaning, smooth reddish siding. Creative shape over the top, a bit richer in hue than the photo shows, but cool little etching around the rims...awesome piece all around.
Quite unique, this little 'mountain' leans a bit, but could balance on the forehead, as well as fitting nicely in the hand. A keeper! Priced each at $32. Which you get depends on which is still available. Clearly not polished, these Pyrite Cubes have fascinating patterns on their siding, looks like a computer electronics board. They're from Logrono, Spain, no less (that's unusual)!. Priced each at $30. Clearly not polished, these Pyrite Cubes have fascinating patterns on their siding, looks like a computer electronics board. They're from Logrono, Spain, no less (that's unusual)!.
This interestingly formed chunk of Herkimer Diamond matrix does not actually contain a Crystal (thought it's glittery). It stands if placed on an angled surface, like the large boulder in photo 2. And it's called an "Entity Stone" because of it's shape, like a hooded, robed being. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, but also some surface personality, and a semi-oval mark on the bottom, possibly from a previous price tag (in the past). It also has a kind of elevated base. Picturesque polished top - this piece stands straight up - and has unusual siding, almost like a palm. A large palm piece as well, it does widen from bottom to top, hence the name.
Jade (new) Buddha
Our Price: $42.00
The photo doesn't do that top polished side justice - notice the two little whitish spots - as well as black and red hues...see the red pine siding as well...incredible texturing. The photo does good justice to the great coloring on this piece, as well as the distinctive shape of its top surface (and the texture of its siding). Displays nicely upside down too. Quite lovely, relatively finely carved Buddha, out of new Jade. We have several pieces - as you can see some color variation from the photos - so we need to connect with you as to which piece you'll be getting. Email us at CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com with interest.
Not exactly standing, this collectors (large palm) pdisplay piece, is a variety that shows the sheeny green Malachite over an ochre'y colored earth tone stone. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, hardly any surface markings, and is solid black. Slightly sharper upward angle than the other medium piece. Base (that is stands on) is polished - as it its "back" - with the rest rough (lots of white, defining it as the "Denim" varieity). Good sized palm chunk too, fits wonderfully into the palm.
Azurite (sm light)
Our Price: $46.00
Quite a charming piece - not the most amount of blue color exposed (due to lightish matrix coating) - but it's got some nice glitter when moved (or the light catches it right), and it stands! Standing height is modest, it's the width measurement, but it's a great specimen for someone who's looking for a solid Azurite minus the high pricing. Quite a statement atop this majestic standing piece. It's base has a whitish spot and an etched out area. Distinctive. Although it does not stand, this piece certainly makes a statement (with its size and shape, and color). Although my hand is reddish - the color reproduction on the photo is good - for the piece (funny how it works that way, sometimes). Anywhow - it's the biggest freeform of this material I've every seen - very nice collector's item.
Shungite pyramid (lrge)
Our Price: $50.00
This largest Shungite pyramid we have, has a lot of interesting surface. Like modern art, this top has almost a yin and yang thing going on, with black and white and beige all over. Excellent detail on all the siding. and mitten shaped base. Named for the distinctive little pool at its top - this piece also stands majestically - with a little slant downwards, to its polished face. A lot of rich earth-tone on the dome. It's siding is particularly rich in personality, and the center of the 'white lake' appears to be crystallized and glittery. You can even see a bit of glitter on a sliver at the base.
Photo A shows the height and shape better - as well as the matt bottom - while Photo B shows the rounded top, with color. This is a large palm piece. Impressive either way - both ends slope a bit - one is looks like an estuary, with lots of beige and white...while the other looks naturally worn down by the elements. A truly great specimen. Delightful standing display piece has great translucency and a blizzard of puffy 'snow' running through it.
Extraordinary patterning - this Jasper is truly special - and nicely priced for a real collector piece. Although it fits in your palm - it's more of a standing display piece - with phenomenal color over the polished top. The bottom is rough, almost like a giant molar. The photos capture this piece well, for the diminished lighting, but in proper bright light, it's pinker.
Good sized piece, stand majestically, and showcases the polished & natural look of Labradorite (through which the iridescence also shows). Nestled towards the base of this piece is a gorgeous, bright Herkimer Diamond crystal. Pockets on the other side have lots of glitter. And it stands as a natural pyramid! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Exquisite, palm sized reproduction of the famous prehistoric "Venus of Villendorf" statuette. Presumably Brazilian stone, carved in China. Slight variation between pieces of detail & pattern, but they all stand.