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Amethyst (Quartz) Ametrine (Quartz) Anandalite
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Aragonite Arkansas Quartz Aura Quartz
Auralite (Quartz) Azurite Barite
Bloodstone Blue Fluorite Blue Green Fluorite
Blue Lace Agate Blue Quartz Cactus Quartz
Calcite Candle Quartz Carnelian
Cathedral Quartz Celestial Quartz Celestite
Cerussite Chalcedony (Quartz) Chalcopyrite
Chevron Amethyst (Quartz) Chrysocolla Chrysoprase
Citrine (Quartz) Clear Fluorite Clear Quartz
Cobalto-Calcite Concretions Coral Quartz
Danburite Diamantina (Singing, or Laser) Quartz Dream Quartz
Druze Quartz Elestial Quartz Emerald, Zoisite
Epidote Etched Quartz Flare Quartz
Fluorite Fossils & Concretions Frosty Quartz
Fuschite Galena Garnet
Geyser Quartz Girasol (Foggy) Quartz Green Fluorite
Green Quartz Growth Interference Quartz Healing Crystal
Heliodor Hematite Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz)
Inclusion Quartz (Phantom, Rutile, etc.) Irradiated Quartz Jade types
Jasper Jet Kunzite (& the Spodumenes)
Kyanite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli
Laser Quartz Lava Lemurian Quartz
Lepidolite Lingam Stone Lithium Quartz
Malachite Mangano Calcite Manufactured Materials
Marble Metallics (Pyrite, Hematite, etc.) Meteoric & Sky Stones
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Moldavite Moonstone Moss Agate
Mother of Pearl Mystery Stones Nephrite
New Jade Nirvana Quartz Obsidian
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Organics Petrified Wood Phantom Quartz
Prase Quartz Prasiolite (Quartz) Prehnite
Pyrite QUARTZ varieties Rarities
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Rose Quartz Ruby Rutilated Quartz
Sceptre Quartz Scheelite Scolecite
Selenite Septarian Seraphinite
Serpentine Shungite Singing Quartz
Skeletal Quartz Sky Stones Smoky Quartz
Soap Stone Sodalite Spinel
Spodumenes Steel Stilbite
Stromatolites Sugilite Sunstone
Tagua Nut Talc Tangerine Quartz
Tiger Eye Tiger Iron Topaz
Tourmaline Treated Stones Turquoise
Unakite Unidentified Stones Vesuvianite
Waisted Quartz White Jade Yellow Quartz
This section features stones by name. Some of them are grouped due to their similarities - most notably the family of Quartzes - which include Amethyst and Smoky (among others...which would otherwise be listed separately). So be sure to click through and check everything out. Search as well by Shape and Color. More items constantly being uploaded - email CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com - we actually have more stock than is featured here (so we might have something you're looking for, which simply isn't visible yet).
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Stone "money" - orange/brown disc w/hole Snowflake Obsidian 'blizzard' Stone "money" - olive-colored disc w/hole
Not sure what these may have originally been used for - but they're great sphere holders, coasters - even pendants (if you want one that big)! Inner hole is 1" wide. More snowflake than Obsidian, though of course the variety features both colors, this is a very sweet heart. Not sure what these may have originally been used for - but they're great sphere holders, coasters - even pendants (if you want one that big)! Inner hole is 1/15" wide.
Jade (new) plump 'snowy' Heart Petrified Wood (med) 'brown top, blue bottom' Jasper chunk
Jasper chunk
Our Price: $26.00
Light new Jade with flecks of white, like snow, blowing about. Not exactly blue - but interpretable as such - the base of this piece is an enigmatic color, and the top looks like a brownish green lake. Stands slightly leaning, smooth reddish siding. This is a per piece price - and there are (currently) 4 pieces - I may be able to do less for multiples. One of them kind of stands, and comes to a point, that would be the 'best' one, but they are all from the same source, as you can see. Very rich, brick'ish color, and with a little glitter throughout, which is hard to identify on the photo. The dimensions are maximums, and as you can see, they're all pretty much the same size.
Rhodonite 'beige' pink Heart Rhodonite 'dark' Heart Rhodonite 'swirly' heart
Rhodonite 'dark' Heart
Our Price: $32.00
Rhodonite 'swirly' heart
Our Price: $32.00
Very interesting combination of colors on this precious Rhodonite heart. Nice, rich dark pink color on this Lepidolite heart. Very interesting patterns, swirling pink and beige, a unique Rhodonite heart, for sure.
Rhodonite 'light' pink Heart Petrified Wood (lrg) 'coffee spot' Rhodonite small pink Heart
The brightest of the Rhodonites, I really like this one. Creative shape over the top, a bit richer in hue than the photo shows, but cool little etching around the rims...awesome piece all around. Beautiful, consistent rich pink with some characteristic black occurances only at the top side & one point on one side. True gem! (in the group shot, it's the one on the bottom)
Jade (new) 'perfect' heart Rhodonite 'line' Heart Rhodonite 'purple' Heart
Rhodonite 'line' Heart
Our Price: $34.00
Rhodonite 'purple' Heart
Our Price: $34.00
This one took one of my best heart photos - great translucency - floating snowflakes...very nice! Rich dark pink color on this Rhodonite  heart. Quite dark pink, to the point of being purple - hence the name - with a couple of sheen'y patches. Gorgeous! (in the group shot, it's the one on top)
Rhodonite 'yummy' heart Lepidolite 'semi-translucent plates' Talc 'tower' crystal
Rhodonite 'yummy' heart
Our Price: $36.00
Talc 'tower' crystal
Our Price: $36.00
Nicknamed 'yummy' on account of its luscious black and sumptuous dark pink color. Priced each, these flat planes of beautiful purple Lepidolite range in depth from .15 to .45 inches thick; 2.85-3.3 inches at their greatest width; and 3.4-4.6 inches at their greatest length. Source: Virgem de Lapa, Aracuai (Minas Gerais) 1 of 3, it's got Asbestos in it, so it's toxic (if ingested)...soft as all get out...and interestingly translucent.
Jade (new/China variety) cut/polished heart Jade (new) plump 'sea foam' heart Talc 'hoof'
Talc 'hoof'
Our Price: $38.00
Wonderfully pleasing carving work (each is slightly different) - these sample photos show what we've got for new (or China) Jade - a variety that has the same energy as Nephrite & Jadeite, but it technically a variety of Serpentine (most people won't tell you that). Which you get depends on which is available. We can send you photos to narrow it down for you. Dimensions (and price) may vary, depending on which one you get. This wonderfully pleasing blue green new Jade heart is a perfect palm piece. 1 of 3, it's got Asbestos in it, so it's toxic (if ingested)...soft as all get out...and interestingly translucent.
Labradorite 'banded starlight moonburst' Lingam Shungite pyramid (med), tall base Petrified Wood (med) 'rustic flarey'
From Finland originally, this Spectrolite (essentially identical to Labradorite), was sent to India for carving & polishing into the archetypal Lingam shape (before being shipped again, to the USA). An unusual combination, very desirable. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, but also some surface personality, and a semi-oval mark on the bottom, possibly from a previous price tag (in the past). It also has a kind of elevated base. Picturesque polished top - this piece stands straight up - and has unusual siding, almost like a palm. A large palm piece as well, it does widen from bottom to top, hence the name.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'tree stump' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'cream pie' Scolecite 'Angel's needle' massage wand
The photo doesn't do that top polished side justice - notice the two little whitish spots - as well as black and red hues...see the red pine siding as well...incredible texturing. The photo does good justice to the great coloring on this piece, as well as the distinctive shape of its top surface (and the texture of its siding). Displays nicely upside down too. A powerful healing tool, used as a wand as well as for massage (its bottom is rounded), and as an accupressure tool (it's top comes to a point). Extremely etheric and pure power stone. Photographed is one of several in stock, we cannot guarantee that the one you get will be exactly this one - or the same identical size - though they're all virtually identical.
Opal (pink Peruvian) 'tongue' Agate (Carnelian looking) obelisk Shungite pyramid (med) solid black
Great "U" shape, also semi-triangular. A dead ringer for the perfect color of Carnelian - I believe this may be an Agate - due to the banding. It's an extraordinary center piece, and could even be used as a wand. This medium Shungite pyramidhas a lot of shine, hardly any surface markings, and is solid black. Slightly sharper upward angle than the other medium piece.