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Quartz (clear) w/black phantom 'ghosts' Smoky Quartz (Colorado) phantom Quartz (Amphibole/Angel) w/pink twin ghost phantoms
These exquisite, perfect DT's (double terminated crystals) hail from Tibet, and have the most unusual little black "ghost" residing in their middle. They're roughly an inch long, each, and proportionally wide & deep. Someone bought 6 for a layout, so we only have a few of these left, cannot promise which you'll get (but they're all good). Price is per unit, not a batch price. Fairly pristine point (very minor dinging), rich color, and very tight, glassy formation, with striations on the side. Rotating it in your hand will reveal the fine detail of the extensive 'phantoming' in this piece, made all the more rare because of its origin in Colorado, USA. It's not just a Heart Chakra stone, on account of being Smoky, it's also a Source (higher vibration) stone, due to the quality and formations inside. Very soft, warm energy, with completely unique double Angel, or Amphibole 'entities' (you could almost call them phantoms) inside.