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Rose Quartz gemmy tumblers Rose Quartz pendant (lrg) Rose Quartz (lavender) large chunk
Rose Quartz pendant (lrg)
Our Price: $80.00
Super gem quality Rose Quartz tumblers. You may not get one of these pictured here, but another from the same batch, of similar size and quality...depends on what's left. And now, with new stock, I have some cheaper, and some more expensive (but all worth their 'ticket' price). Message me with interest, we'll see what we have on hand. I've also done some Wholesale buying for folks, if you need quantities. Set in solid Sterling Silver, this gently colored, but gemmy piece is a classic statement, with simple but perfect bezel & bail. Great glassy, gemmy quality and depth of color...good size (and stands!) too.
Rose Quartz power massage wand Rose Quartz Skull Rose Quartz (smaller) double pyramid octahedron
Rose Quartz Skull
Our Price: $100.00
Lightening towards the 'point' - this very gemmy, gentle pink Rose Quartz is both a great wand & a great massage tool. Good sized, very gemmy, with amorphous asteration (a 3-lined star trying to form) on the back of the head)! Up and down pyramids combined into one piece, great color, very gemmy. Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Rose Quartz, larger double pyramid octahedron Rose Quartz Crystal Skull, large flame cut
Large 'double pyramid' octahedron (one up, one down) - gemmy Rose Quartz - wonderful! Super gemmy and uniform, yummy quality Rose Quartz slab, flame cut, and with a beautifully carved skull emerging from it. See middle picture - I put it on my Solar Plexus for awhile - feels SO good. Stands, ask for more pix if you like. We have much more product offline than uploaded, please Message us with your interest, so we an custom list your favorite items.