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Citrine (Quartz) Clear Quartz Coral Quartz, or Anandalite
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Smoky Quartz Tangerine Quartz Waisted Quartz
Yellow Quartz
Although many types of stone take numerous forms, Quartz has the most important variations on the theme - including Amethyst, Smoky, Citrine - and many of the different crystal formations, such as Elestial, Herkimer, etc.
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Smoky Quartz Elestial 2 'grandma' Rose Quartz gemmy tumblers Quartz (clear) w/black phantom 'ghosts'
I don't know how that name came to me - Grandma - for this piece, just seemed to have her type of wisdom. Multi-point, very interesting back/interior 'root' structure. Super gem quality Rose Quartz tumblers. You may not get one of these pictured here, but another from the same batch, of similar size and quality...depends on what's left. And now, with new stock, I have some cheaper, and some more expensive (but all worth their 'ticket' price). Message me with interest, we'll see what we have on hand. I've also done some Wholesale buying for folks, if you need quantities. These exquisite, perfect DT's (double terminated crystals) hail from Tibet, and have the most unusual little black "ghost" residing in their middle. They're roughly an inch long, each, and proportionally wide & deep. Someone bought 6 for a layout, so we only have a few of these left, cannot promise which you'll get (but they're all good). Price is per unit, not a batch price.
Lemurian Quartz 'subtle record keeper' generator Smoky Quartz Heart (small) Smoky Heart 'besty' (small)
3 main faces form the almost perfect point, and the other 3 faces are set back, all symmetrical, and leaning as a small generator. Very sweet & positive piece - not a traditional Lemurian - but good striation on the sides. Also self healed on the bottom. I had gotten a Lot of these - good Smoky is hard to find - and these are not only perfectly colored, but very charmingly cut. They transmit light nicely, each have inclusions or little irregularities in side, but are mostly gem clear. They and can be grouped as lighter or darker (email us if you have a preference). We cannot photograph each individual item, but you can see the group they come out of - they're all nice.  Measurement is of one sample piece, they are all in that ballpark for size. Which you get depends on which is still available. My favorite, I call it 'besty.' I got a Lot of these - good Smoky is hard to find - and these are not only perfectly colored, but very charmingly cut. They transmit light nicely, each have inclusions or little irregularities in side, but are mostly gem clear. They and can be grouped as lighter or darker (email us if you have a preference). Otherwise, we'll get as close as we can to the perfect one for you.
Smoky Quartz druzy Heart pendant Lemurian Quartz small 'family transmitter' Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) '3-mountain island' cluster
Discounted substantially from the original price, these pieces are priced individually, are all pretty identical. We'll get you the "best one available."  They have a hole driven through them (vertically), you can either set it in a bezel or run a cord/metal rod through it to set up a bale for hanging. Photos have trouble doing this precious piece justice. It has 2 major points, and 3 or more smaller points...clear and milky...with a nice clean base too. Not an elongated Lemurian, but it does have that telltale extra, strange, shaved, geometric facing on one of its sides (as well as great, frosty striation on all sides). Very gentle, small milky cluster, perfect for someone who wants a great example of the variety, without having to get a big (and expensive) piece.
Herkimer Diamond matrix 'being' Quartz (Coral-Andandalite) 'lavender hills' cluster Crystal Skull, Smoky Quartz
This interestingly formed chunk of Herkimer Diamond matrix does not actually contain a Crystal (thought it's glittery). It stands if placed on an angled surface, like the large boulder in photo 2. And it's called an "Entity Stone" because of it's shape, like a hooded, robed being. Very pleasing, rolling 'hills' on this cluster, good display size. Unusual to find in this variety of Quartz. Smallish, but nice.
Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle' Lemurian Quartz 'clear/frosty/trapezoid' Yellow Quartz (fine) laser
Lemurian Quartz 'gazelle'
Our Price: $45.00
Incredibly clear, with irregular siding, and an almost perfect point. Quite perfect point (unmarred), with interesting 'trapezoid' etch/shavings off, near the point (on 3 sides). Some frostiness on the main face. No real milkiness, it's all clear! Perfect for a pendant, though fragile, this rare Tibetan material has a partially defined point, with 2 shiny faces at the tip. It's quite skinny, but the length is meaningful. Color is of course quite unique. Great piece for working with etheric energies.
Lemurian Quartz 3 'super clear 5-point' Crystal Skull (clear Quartz, round cut) Milky Quartz (standing, natural chunk)
Water clear top to bottom, siding striation very subtle, some point-face polishing...very stable energy...equilibrium! Almost completely perfect point Size & image are approximate for this variety of carving. Which you get - including price - depends on what's available at the time. Place your provisional order or email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com to see what's available. I'll be happy to send you actual photos and/or a video, so you can get a better sense of what you'd be getting, exactly. VERY unique - natural cleavage on bottom makes it stand - similar cleavage along the top (to show it wasn't cut or polished). Also unusual - it starts smaller and flares towards the top - and from a certain angle, it looks like a person's face (with a very large brain)...making it an "entity stone."
Crystal Skull in blue Quartz Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian ultraclear' Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'pink finger' cluster
Rare form of Quartz, unusual to find carved into a Skull form. Polished point and very clear, light striation siding, almost perfect point (even after polishing). Quite soft, perfect palm size. Looking a lot like Cactus Quartz, this Indian variety has finer points, almost like Druze, and it's kind of a pinkish tone.
Lemurian Diamantina laser Quartz 4 'pyramid' Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'glittery island' cluster Herkimer Diamond, standing pyramidal matrix (w/crystal)
One side (and some point facets) polished, to let you see into this amazing piece, whose broadest side is richly etched with perfectly straight lines, like a ladder. It doesn't stand, but it's very pyramidal. It also looks slightly Smoky, and is BOTH a Lemurian AND a Diamantina laser quartz (which I've NEVER seen before). Quite unique! This good sized cluster is quite glittery, with clear but small points everywhere. Nestled towards the base of this piece is a gorgeous, bright Herkimer Diamond crystal. Pockets on the other side have lots of glitter. And it stands as a natural pyramid! Message me with serious inquiries & Best Offers.
Lemurian Quartz 'baby' Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) 'opposites' cluster Lemurian Quartz 'Colombian Alien siding'
Lemurian Quartz 'baby'
Our Price: $68.00
Being a fairly perfect point would be enough on this piece, but having a flawless 'baby' growing off it makes it quite unique and special. Interesting cross directional 'points' all covered with glittery druzy terminations and orangey chalcedony underside. Jaw-dropping aberration on 2/3 of one side (your thumb fits right over it, when held), polished point faces, super glassy bottom break...wow!
Pendant - (Amethyst, Labradorite, yellow Rutile, and Prehnite) - breastplate style Prase Quartz small (olive) w/'ladder twin' Rose Quartz pendant (lrg)
Rose Quartz pendant (lrg)
Our Price: $80.00
Impressive collection of stones on a backplate, all quality Sterling setting. We have named the Prehnite as such, because of its look, but we cannot vouch for certain that that is the transparent green stone. The others are obvious. What you see in the photo - combined with your own judgment, taste, and our best estimate - is the most we can promise. The seller did now know for sure either, and the item # (what's written on the back of the tag) is X-18. Sold as blue quartz, it's really blue green, or olive drab in color - but still a spectacular formation - and nice all around (with a semi-clear/smoky core). The siding is super intricate and textured, like the motherboard of some incredible computer. Set in solid Sterling Silver, this gently colored, but gemmy piece is a classic statement, with simple but perfect bezel & bail.