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Petrified Wood (med) 'brown top, blue bottom' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'coffee spot' Petrified Wood (med) 'rustic flarey'
Not exactly blue - but interpretable as such - the base of this piece is an enigmatic color, and the top looks like a brownish green lake. Stands slightly leaning, smooth reddish siding. Creative shape over the top, a bit richer in hue than the photo shows, but cool little etching around the rims...awesome piece all around. Picturesque polished top - this piece stands straight up - and has unusual siding, almost like a palm. A large palm piece as well, it does widen from bottom to top, hence the name.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'tree stump' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'cream pie' Petrified Wood (med) 'yellow lake'
The photo doesn't do that top polished side justice - notice the two little whitish spots - as well as black and red hues...see the red pine siding as well...incredible texturing. The photo does good justice to the great coloring on this piece, as well as the distinctive shape of its top surface (and the texture of its siding). Displays nicely upside down too. Quite a statement atop this majestic standing piece. It's base has a whitish spot and an etched out area. Distinctive.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'tall dark' Petrified Wood (med) 'white lake' Petrified Wood (med) 'rounded top'
Like modern art, this top has almost a yin and yang thing going on, with black and white and beige all over. Excellent detail on all the siding. and mitten shaped base. Named for the distinctive little pool at its top - this piece also stands majestically - with a little slant downwards, to its polished face. A lot of rich earth-tone on the dome. It's siding is particularly rich in personality, and the center of the 'white lake' appears to be crystallized and glittery. You can even see a bit of glitter on a sliver at the base. Photo A shows the height and shape better - as well as the matt bottom - while Photo B shows the rounded top, with color. This is a large palm piece.
Petrified Wood (lrg) 'water worn/beige delta' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red lake' Petrified Wood (lrg) 'red scatter'
Impressive either way - both ends slope a bit - one is looks like an estuary, with lots of beige and white...while the other looks naturally worn down by the elements. A truly great specimen. Although it fits in your palm - it's more of a standing display piece - with phenomenal color over the polished top. The bottom is rough, almost like a giant molar. Spectacular color burst (and the bottom's not bad either) - larger than a palm piece - stands very nicely too.
Petrified Wood (layered & Smoky Quartz encrusted) Petrified Wood, large red
Petrified Wood, large red
Our Price: $130.00
smaller (ie. narrower, cause length is comparable), and lighter of the two held items Lies 'flat' with the glassy exposed area on top, more 'rocky' & 'matrixy' base ont he 'back' and bottom. Can also stand in a leaning fashion - with that rocky side more exposed - and the 'gemmy' side facing more down.