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Milky Quartz, leaning generator/transmitter Quartz (Coral-Anandalite) glittery 'mtn. range' Quartz (Milky) votive candle holder
Magnificent example of Milky Quartz, a Generator, AND a Transmitter...all in one...with a very cool skinny crystal coming off the bottom. The bottom is shown in the last photo. Photos don't do this piece justice - it's milky white but quite transclucent - glittery. Very superior piece. Very nice white, milky color (and texture) all around. Special piece!
Quartz (Milky/Candle /Cactus) display generator Milky Quartz pyramid (medium) Quartz (celestial) DT
Quartz (celestial) DT
Our Price: $160.00
Large, leaning ash-colored Romanian Candle Quartz, quite a unique specimen! Message me for dimensions, and with serious inquiries & Best Offers. Three inches across on any of its bases, and nearly 2 inches tall, this is a good sized pyramid - milky but translucent - especially along the base (which is unusual, usually it's the opposite). Prize piece! This magnificent piece has the telltale signs of being a Celestial Quartz (my name), as a result of having one whole side semi-elestial, but much glassier, and very intricately textured. The biggest face is polished. It's a large palm piece, and is double terminated! Funny little attached crystal - on one side - has clear rainbow in it. Almost has a milky, phantomic interior, with the more normally formed side/point showing as kind of clear under the surface. Great for passing over a troubled area.
Crystal Skull in Milky/clear Quartz
More clear than it would seem - this milky Quartz skull is actually kind of banded (the light passes through it that way, as you turn it) - and is ultimately a gift from the "other side" to this side.