Power Stone Crystals & Artifacts
"I've handpicked from hundreds - to thousands - to bring you the finest"

Power Stone Crystals & Artifacts is a d/b/a of Kyle Russell's Crystal Concentrics.

Crystal Concentrics is my unique healing practice, through which I deliver live classes, webinars, and individual sessions (in person or long distance). You can read my Blogs and find out so much more at www.CrystalConcentrics.com.

I've been working with Crystals for 25+ years - both buying and selling - and energetically.

Whether you're into the Metaphysical or strictly the Gemological - you're sure to find something you like on this - my official For Sale items site. Our analogous sales page on Facebook is: www.Facebook/com/PowerStoneCrystals. It's got over twenty thousand Fans!

What sets us apart? QUALITY - Power Stone quality!

We don't just buy in bulk and mark up standard for a quick turnover. We're not your average 'corner crystal shop' (or online warehouse). Our niche is having a boutique style selection of outstanding (and unusual) specimens - particularly hand held or larger - and stocking smaller pieces that can balance on the third eye, for meditation.

Our passion is to bring you timeless pieces. Fads and products come and go, so what you see here's the best of the best - not only as chosen from currently available stock - but also representing older collection material.

Given that the site is new, please check back, or email us with your wish list. We're only at the tip of the iceberg - in terms of what's been uploaded - relative to what's truly available offline.

We do have a showroom in the Boston area, which you can visit by appointment only, and we host events (live & online), which you can learn about here:

Looking forward to doing business with you!

Earth Force to Your Hands,
Kyle Russell